How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Hassle of Payroll
Small business owners are people of vision and purpose. As a business launches, often its owners take on multiple responsibilities — some of which they may not have expertise in performing. Payroll often falls into this category, and if taken on indefinitely, can erode at a business owner’s valuable time and much-needed focus on what they do best—grow their business.

Payroll can become a hassle each and every pay period, bringing avoidable stress on business owners, yet some business owners choose to do their payroll in-house anyway. As a savvy business owner, just as in any important decision, it’s essential to take the time to educate yourself on options, then weigh the risks and the benefits of your potential choice.

Weigh the risks of doing your own payroll

Business owners generally don’t have the time to keep up with tax laws and the complexities of generating their company’s payroll. Some risks of doing your payroll in-house include:

  • A valuable commodity is required in order to do payroll right — T.I.M.E.
  • If a business owner doesn’t keep up with changes in tax laws, financial penalties could be in their future.
  • The myriad of details involved in payroll accuracy are at risk if employees keep their hours manually.
  • Overtime can bring complexity to each and every payroll period.
  • Mistakes may be made unknowingly when payroll is done in-house.

Calculate the benefits of outsourcing payroll

Counting on experts to process your small business’s payroll has some great advantages including:

  • A business owner’s time is freed up when they outsource payroll. Company owners are able to focus on mobilizing their products or services without the distraction and added responsibility of payroll.
  • Owners have peace of mind knowing their payroll is compliant with up-to-the-minute tax laws and requirements.
  • Business owners are at ease knowing their payroll is being done accurately and effectively, including employee hours and overtime for employees.
  • Outsourcing helps companies avoid IRS penalties, and therefore may save money in the long run because mistakes are avoided.
  • Payroll professionals use innovative payroll software like QuickBooks, which implements the use of current tax tables.
  • Outsourcing relieves the stress that could accompany the complex task of doing your own payroll in-house.

As a wise business owner, it’s vital to learn more about the payroll difficulties many business owners experience. Understand how to know it’s time to outsource your payroll.

Avoid the hassle of payroll with affordable payroll management

Shockley Bookkeeping, a certified ProAdvisor with QuickBooks, is the trusted payroll management company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. You value your employees, so it’s vital that you take care of them by paying them accurately and on time — every time.

Eliminate the need to hire another employee

With over 50 years of combined experience, the team of professionals at Shockley Bookkeeping has helped hundreds of small businesses in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma just like yours avoid the hassle and stress of payroll. Eliminate the need for another employee and allow us to do the work automatically for your business.

Simplify your company’s payroll

At Shockley Bookkeeping, we believe it should be easy to pay your employees—that’s why we provide the following for our clients:

  • Proper payroll setup
  • ACH direct deposits
  • Management of payroll forms
  • Calculation of payroll taxes and insurance
  • Consistent generation of payroll – accurately and on time

Exchange the stress of payroll for peace of mind

Busy business owners who choose to delegate their payroll to a trusted company create the space for greater fruit in their business’ daily overall progress. If you’re tired of the stress of payroll, and you’re looking for a trusted source for your company’s ongoing payroll needs, join the successful companies who entrust their payroll to Shockley Bookkeeping. Give us a call today at (918) 615-8380 and receive a FREE quote and consultation.

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