Your small business doesn’t have a lot of money to waste. It needs to sell its products to its target market with a high degree of accuracy. Accurate financial reports from Shockley Bookkeeping can help your business do just that. Knowing what you are spending your money on will help improve financial decisions in the future.


What Kind Of Financial Reports Are Available

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There are many different types of financial reports that you can have access to. Among them are:

  • Sales Figures For A Specific Time Period (Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Amount Spent On Inventory
  • Shrink Reports (How Much You Are Throwing Away)
  • Payroll Facts And Figures

How Does This Help My Company?

When Shockley Bookkeeping provides these powerful reports, your business will be armed with information it needs to become much more efficient. For example, if you know that you spend too much on payroll on Saturday nights, you can trim the number of people scheduled. If your company throws out too much product, there could be an issue with storage or ordering techniques. Ordering less product will reduce waste and increase profit.

Where Do I Get These Reports?

Shockley Books utilizes QuickBooks financial software, and industry-standard for small business financial reporting. QuickBooks allows us to provide an array of detailed financial reporting tools. And if you use QuickBooks Online, a web-based product, you can access them from anywhere.

Financial reporting tools give you information about your company that can’t be known otherwise. It would be foolish for a small business owner not to have solid financial reporting his disposal. Business intelligence can help your company save money while finding ways to help it grow at the same time.