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Bookkeeping Broken Arrow OkShockley Bookkeeping has been serving clients in Broken Arrow and Tulsa for over 15 years with their Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Services. We provide each client with accurate, efficient, and quality information to make sure their books are ready at year-end to submit to their accountants.

Here at Shockley Bookkeeping, we love numbers and detailing your everyday business expenses. It is what we do best. Everything from entering information into your checkbook register, to paying your employees and paying taxes, we can do it!

We understand that running and growing your business is your main goal. Having to take time out to keep your books as well as pay your employees and payroll taxes keeps you focusing on what is most important. Allow Shockley Bookkeeping in Broken Arrow to handle this burden for you.


Carri Shockley, Founder & President

Wsu LogoCarri was born in Washington State and is a 2000 Graduate of Washington State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication. She moved to Broken Arrow, OK to attend a bible college and loved the area so much, she decided to stay. Carri is happily married and has two wonderful children. She enjoys spending time with family, Mexican food, and Cinnamon Dulce lattes.

Carri began Shockley Bookeeping in 2007 to help support her family on a part time basis out of her home so she could still be at home with their first child. As she continued this journey, the business continued to grow. After having her second child in 2011, her and her husband decided it was time to let the business grow. In May of 2013, Shockley Bookkeeping Services moved from her home-based office into a quaint office space in downtown Broken Arrow. Today, they have expanded and are now located in a larger office space on 81st and Aspen in Broken Arrow. She loves to work with numbers and especially loves to reconcile bank and credit card statements. Bookkeeping is a perfect career fit for her!


Project Managers/Accounting Ninja’s:

Tax Service Broken Arrow Jennifer Bell Headshot

Jennifer Bell – Jennifer Bell, originally from Germany, is a dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in the accounting field. Having been a military spouse for two decades, she relocated to Oklahoma almost three years ago. Married with four children and six grandchildren, Jennifer is driven by her love for her family and her commitment to excellence.

In 2011, Jennifer earned her BA in Business and Accounting from Colorado University. Demonstrating her passion for continuous learning, she completed her master’s degree in 2021. Always striving for improvement, Jennifer is currently attending Harvard Business School to stay updated and enhance her accounting knowledge.

At our company, Jennifer actively engages with both our clientele and our staff members. Her friendly and supportive demeanor ensures that every interaction is a positive and mutually beneficial experience. She goes above and beyond to provide valuable assistance and guidance to everyone involved.

Beyond her professional life, Jennifer and her husband share a passion for giving back to the community. They actively participate in a charity called “The Mile Monsters,” which focuses on supporting children with Duchene’s MS—a rare and deadly illness that affects only boys, with fewer than 20 cases worldwide. This remarkable commitment to philanthropy underscores the values we hold at Shockley, where kindness and hard work are integral to our team.

When Jennifer is not dedicated to her work or philanthropic endeavors, she enjoys exploring her passion for adventure by riding motorcycles with her husband. Their dedication to the charity and their adventurous spirit reflect the kind of individuals we are proud to have as part of our team, making Shockley a place that brings out the best in our employees and benefits our community.


Account Managers

Tax Service Broken Arrow Sue Bertrand Headshot

Sue Bertrand – Account Manager

Meet Sue Bertrand, the dedicated Account Manager at Shockley. Since she joined the team in 2021, Sue has discovered immense joy and fulfillment in the field of bookkeeping. Working with a wonderful group of people who function as a cohesive team, she couldn’t be happier with her role.

Sue’s professional journey has been diverse, including valuable service in the Air Force, experiences in elementary special education, and office positions in both elementary education and industrial sales.

Having been a resident of Broken Arrow since 1992, Sue attended Rhema Bible Training Center and is an active member of the Ridge at Broken Arrow Church. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sue finds pleasure in hobbies like reading, participating in church activities, and spending cherished moments with her family, especially her four beloved grandchildren.

Married for an incredible 35 years, Sue and her husband feel blessed with three children and the beautiful life they’ve built together. Her dedication and commitment to her work and personal life are truly commendable.

Tax Service Broken Arrow Kelly Lopez Headshot

Kellie Lopez – My husband and I started a small accounting business over 10 years ago. My involvement was mainly data entry. Eventually we downsized and when covid hit, I found myself needing another source of income. Through a mutual friend who was employed at Shockley, I was referred and came on board almost a year ago. Working at Shockley is one of the best working experiences I have ever had. The comradery is wonderful which creates an environment of trust that filters into the business side. Plus, I have been able to grow in my accounting practices while working here. Some fun facts about me are I am from the hills of Kentucky, married to my amazing husband of 23 years and have two dynamic teenagers 18yrs & 16yrs. I love to travel, take walks and avocados. My favorite number is zero since in accounting that means I balanced 🙂

Tax Service Broken Arrow Josh Toranzo Headshot

Josh Toranzo

Joshua Toranzo attended Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Following his undergraduate studies, he initially pursued an MBA but later felt a strong calling to attend Bible college. Responding to this calling, he made the decision to relocate to Broken Arrow, OK, and enrolled at Rhema Bible College to study pastoral ministries. During his time at Rhema, Joshua had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of playing college basketball at the same institution.

After completing his studies at Bible college, Joshua secured a position in the accounting department of a non-profit ministry, which allowed him to establish a solid foundation in GAAP principles. During this period, he reconnected with the Shockley family, and they offered him an opportunity to further his growth in the accounting field at Shockley Bookkeeping. The warm and familial atmosphere at the company immediately made Joshua feel at home in his role.

Despite being relatively young in the accounting profession, Joshua’s background in finance and numbers enabled him to quickly grasp the intricacies of the field. Outside of his work at the office, Joshua’s passion for sports and fitness keeps him active and engaged. Additionally, he finds joy in contributing to children’s and young adult’s ministries, where he enjoys helping others.

Through his diverse experiences and dedication to excellence, Joshua Toranzo is a valuable asset to the team at Shockley Bookkeeping, bringing both financial expertise and a heart for service to his role.

Tax & Administrative Assistant/Receptionist


Tax Service Broken Arrow Charity King Headshot

Charity King – Charity is a proud mother of two amazing daughters and has always had a fervent passion for striking a harmonious balance between her professional career and her role as a mother. Currently, she holds the position of an Admin at a bookkeeping office, effectively utilizing her exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail.

Prior to her current role, Charity spent seven years as a hairdresser—a profession she found both creatively stimulating and dynamic. During this time, she developed a unique ability to connect with people on a personal level, helping them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

When she’s not dedicated to her professional pursuits, Charity cherishes spending quality time with her daughters, actively engaging in activities that foster their growth and development. Believing strongly in the importance of personal growth, Charity is always on the lookout for fresh challenges and opportunities that can expand her knowledge and skillset. Her journey thus far has filled her with immense gratitude for the person she has become today.

Tax Experts

Tax Service Broken Arrow Will Sutherland Headshot

William Sutherland – I have been with Shockley Bookkeeping & Tax since October of 2021. I consult with business and individual clients in areas of business and personal tax planning. I have worked in public accounting since 2011. My duties are to also prepare various tax returns and assist our client base with tax planning.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my daughter and performing music with my band.

I have completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Major of Accountancy and Minor of Finance

Finance Analysts

Tax Service Broken Arrow Dawn White Headshot

Dawn White – Dawn White has always harbored a keen interest in analysis and numbers, a passion that has defined her career trajectory. With nearly 20 years of experience as a business analyst in Corporate America, she later transitioned to the accounting arena of small businesses.

Having earned a BS in Computer Science from Millikin University and a BA in the Art of Christian Leadership from XploreNations Bible College, Dawn’s educational background complements her extensive work history. This combination of knowledge and experience empowers her to effectively engage with clients and cater to their unique business needs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dawn’s heart is ignited by mission trips to foreign lands. She has participated in multiple journeys where she not only shares the Gospel but also undertakes humanitarian projects. Presently, she is actively involved in launching the newly formed Missions Department at her church, with a primary focus on reaching small remote villages, addressing immediate needs, and providing spiritual support to individuals and families. During her leisure time, Dawn also takes pleasure in reviving furniture and homes, breathing new life into items that may have seemed beyond repair.

At Shockley Bookkeeping, Dawn’s top priority is ensuring that clients have a positive and fulfilling experience. She firmly believes that their success is intrinsically linked to the success of the company. With Dawn’s dedicated expertise and genuine care for her clients, she strives to foster a productive and prosperous relationship with each individual and business.