5 Reasons Most Small Businesses Find a New Payroll Service

Small business owners can get frustrated by problems that occur when handling payroll on their own. Business owners who outsource payroll can become dissatisfied with the service they receive. If you find yourself discontented with your current small business payroll services, and you’re considering the concept of changing services, realize making a necessary change can be well worth the time invested and pay off for years to come.

When you find a new payroll service, efficient payroll systems and processes become well organized, flow smoothly, and set you up to grow your business. The payoff you receive from implementing efficient payroll services can be fabulous.

Here are some reasons small business owners look for new payroll services:

1. Incorrect data in the system

Data can get complex when it’s entered through separate systems for things like payroll, time cards, attendance, and employee benefits. When an employee gets married or has an address change, and multiple systems are used for data, it’s possible to enter incorrect information, or even update some of the systems and overlook others, creating problems for the future.

Solution: A local payroll company with a single database makes the process of updating data due to life transitions easy, efficient, and accurate.

2. Inadequate systems in place

If your payroll system can’t handle all the information you need it to, and if it doesn’t generate the specific reports you need—it’s costing you more than the amount you’re paying the service. If multiple systems are in place, key updates may be missed and impact your reports regularly.

Solution: Find a payroll service that meets your current needs as well as your future needs. You are a growing company, so let go of what’s not working, and take the necessary steps to get the systems in place you need to excel. Avoid the hassle of tampering with payroll, and entrust it to a well-equipped, reputable, local payroll company with more than adequate systems in place to effectively meet your payroll needs.

3. Unavailable staff when you need them

If you currently outsource your needs to a payroll company, but have trouble connecting with them to have your questions answered or problems solved, you may want to consider changing payroll companies. You shouldn’t find yourself on hold indefinitely when you are seeking answers. Your time is valuable, so even if you don’t spend endless minutes on hold, but you find yourself talking with a different representative each time you have a question, and it feels like they aren’t well acquainted with your company, look for better service from a different provider.

Your relationship with a payroll company is built on trust and thrives through effective communication. So if your calls aren’t returned, your emails aren’t answered, or if you get the feeling you’re a bother each time you connect to communicate, it may be best to look elsewhere for services.

Solution: When you’re looking for a payroll provider, verify customer service and consultation when needed is part of the package deal. Get acquainted with your payroll provider and understand that they should be available and happy to answer your questions and meet your company’s needs. For continuity, connect with a specific representative in the payroll company and stick with that same representative each time you contact the company.

4. Limits on your growth potential

If your business has outgrown your payroll company’s system, it may be time to consider a new payroll company. As businesses grow, they face new compliance laws and regulations that need to be kept up with. If you don’t stay current with regulations, there are penalties to pay.

Solution: Find a local payroll company that uses systems that are robust enough to manage all your data with ease, and stay on top of things as you grow. Partner with payroll experts so you can do what you do best—grow your business.

5. Complicated access to your data

If you feel frustrated with the process you have to go through to access your financial data, there is a better way! There is no need to engage in frustrating processes repeatedly when today’s technology can implement what you need with simplicity. So if you’ve been spending too much time connecting with needed reports or data, consider looking elsewhere for payroll services. It will pay off in the long run.

Solution: Find a local payroll company with a single sign-on portal so you can retrieve up-to-date information when you need it without the hassle of looking to multiple systems or multiple sign-on portals.

Step back and take an objective look at your payroll services

Perhaps it’s time to take a payroll checkup and assess the health of:

  • How you are meeting your payroll needs currently
  • How you plan to meet your needs as your company grows

If you are dissatisfied with your current payroll provider and their services, take the time to discover your options in order to maximize your results.

Small business payroll services

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