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Payroll Can Be Simple

It’s no surprise to you as a small business owner that payroll is complicated. When your business reaches a certain level of success, payroll becomes the dreaded task that seems to drain your time and energy—every pay period, every quarter!

And yet, because you value the good work of your employees, it’s important to you to pay them correctly and on-time.

At Shockley Bookkeeping, we believe it should be easy to pay your employees. That’s why we offer:

  • Proper Payroll Setup
  • ACH Direct Deposits
  • Manage Payroll Forms
  • Figure Payroll Taxes and Insurance
  • Generate Payroll Accurately & On Time

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of professionals has helped hundreds of small businesses in Broken Arrow, OK just like yours avoid the hassle and stress of payroll.


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Affordable Payroll Services With Big Returns

Avoid Mistakes

Our Broken Arrow payroll services are relatively inexpensive and yet their payback is extensive. Shockley Bookkeeping will make sure your payroll is setup and generated accurately—including all the quarterly tax forms—so you avoid tax mistakes.

Lower Stress

The peace of mind you get from knowing your taxes, insurance, and other deductions are not miscalculated will lower your stress level.

Focus On Your Business

Outsourcing payroll duties gives you more time to focus on your business operations. That means you’ll better serve your customers, offer better quality products and services, and be able to plan properly for your growing business.

Direct Deposits

We even handle ACH direct deposits. For many businesses, it’s a welcome solution that costs less than $50 a month. Shockley Bookkeeping eliminates the need for another employee while doing most of the work automatically for you.

Quarterly Tax Forms

Payroll requires a lot of forms. It is challenging for most small business owners to fill them out correctly, file them on time, and file them every quarter. Outsourcing your payroll to Shockley Bookkeeping means you have a partner in business that stays on top of these details for you.

Avoid the hassle and get a trusted, reliable payroll service today!


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Are you a Sub-S Corporation?

Did you know the IRS requires companies that are set up as a Sub-S Corporation to pay themselves a reasonable salary? Most Sub-S Corporation don’t pay themselves a reasonable salary. This allowed them to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare Taxes.

Although many Sub-S Corporations have slipped through the cracks in the past, the IRS is becoming more strict on this rule by cracking down on all Sub-S Corporation owners to make sure they pay themselves a REASONABLE salary. If the IRS finds, in their reviews, that companies are following this requirement, they could face hefty fines and penalties for non-compliance.

Find out what a reasonable salary is for the field each owner works in by visiting the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the same resource the IRS uses to review these wages per company. If the owner of the company falls below their average salary found on this website, they can be fined for underpayment of salary.

Make sure your Sub-S Corporation is in compliance by contacting us today to request a free quote!