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Grow Your Business

As a small business ourselves, we know it takes focus and healthy finances to keep your business on target toward growth. In order to do that, you need to save time and keep accurate books.

With over 50 years of combined Tax Service Broken Arrow experience, the professionals at Shockley Bookkeeping & Taxes in Broken Arrow OK has helped small businesses just like yours get control of their business by keeping accurate books—month after month.

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Save Time

It takes time to concentrate on growing your business. And after the hard work you put in day after day providing your best services to your customers, we believe it should be easy for you to find a bookkeeping service you trust.

Hiring the trusted, reliable bookkeeping services at Shockley Bookkeeping in Broken Arrow, OK will gain you the time you need to stay focused on your customers and do what you do best.


Stay Accurate

Smart financial decisions for your small business can only be made if you have accurate information to base those decisions on. That means you need Tax Service Broken Arrow  accurate books to keep your business on track. Why spend countless hours fretting over complicated bookkeeping tasks that may not be your forte, when you can hire a team of professionals to handle them for you?

Get your books back on track and keep them on track—month after month.


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What We Do

Our Tax Service Broken Arrow team will handle every bookkeeping detail from set-up to reconciling your accounts and giving you accurate reports so you can make smart financial decisions for your business. These tasks include:

  • Data entry
  • Reports
  • Deadlines
  • Debt collection
  • Paying bills
  • Organizing finances
  • Assisting in processing payroll
  • Reconciliation
  • Meeting deadlines

Quickbooks Management Broken ArrowQuickBooks is one of the best ways to organize and track your finances. Shockley Books offers professional QuickBooks management for small businesses. That means you’ll have powerful tracking and analytic capabilities using industry-standard software.

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Financial ReportingThe key to making the right decisions is having the right information. Shockley Books provides you with up to date with detailed financial reporting. You’ll have access to a variety of common reports as well as customized reports based on the needs of your business.

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Payroll Services Broken Arrow OkMost employees like to get paid. On time. We make you look great with dependable and accurate payroll services. Plus, we handle direct deposit, taxes, insurance, and more.

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Tax Payment Services Broken Arrow OkShockley Books offers scheduled tax payment services for your small business. No more missed deadlines or penalties. Your business will be in compliance with the latest state and federal tax payment laws.

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See Your Whole Financial Picture

Hiring Shockley Bookkeeping means means you get to spend more time out in the field generating income and attracting new clientele and less time managing your books. Plus, you get an aerial view of your business. When you see the entire picture of your finances and assets, you can make smarter, faster, and better decisions—moving your business forward wisely.


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Relieve Hassle and Stress

Shockley Bookkeeping has been a major stress reliever for business owners in Broken Arrow, OK for years. Imagine what it would be like to know and trust that the infrastructure of your business was aligned, organized, and taken care of professionally.

You are free to grow your business when you can:

  • Make faster, more accurate DECISIONS
  • Have more INFORMATION to base decisions on
  • Get more TIME in the field attracting new clientele
  • Decrease overall stress and ENJOY your work
  • See more GROWTH
  • Get accurate REPORTS
  • Meet deadlines on time and ON TARGET
  • Have ORGANIZED files and statements
  • STREAMLINE your financial organization
  • Have time and opportunity for change and ADVANCEMENT
  • Experience heightened CREATIVITY

At Shockley Bookkeeping the success of your business is our priority. Contact us today so you can stop losing time and money which risks your business success. And instead, get a trusted, reliable bookkeeper. You’ll have peace of mind that your books are accurate, enabling you to make better financial decisions.