Everyone wants to know the guarantees with Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. We are a quickbooks certified ProAdvisor company. Which means we have the capability to take care of all your bookkeeping needs, everything from your payroll, your tax preparation, and just those general bookkeeping needs as well. We will assign an account manager and project manager as well to you directly. You’ll never wonder who I am going to speak with when I call up our company. Or who’s going to be handling my accounts? You will always have the same people handling your needs and concerns. They will be there to answer any of your questions directly and make sure your needs are being met. They will also be keeping you informed and they will make sure you feel in control throughout the whole year.

Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK is a small business too. So we can relate and understand how you may be feeling trying to get everything working correctly in your company as far as dealing with bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. We know it can be overwhelming to deal with tax season and your books. Our company has helped hundreds of small businesses in the Broken Arrow are to get everything on track with their books, taxes and payroll. Will help you keep it managed with accuracy each month. We use a wonderful 3-step plan, which allows you to be in great control of building your finances for your business.

With our Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we will help you take the control of your books. Which will improve your finances with more organization comes more time. With more time comes more opportunities and we want you to be able to put your money where you want it to go. You need to make improvements in your company. You’ll actually have to assess that need and see where the improvements are needed. Less time spent on the books means you’ll be able to be more aware of the other things going on in your company.

With our guarantees you should start seeing more growth because you’ll have it clear cut in front of you and be able to make the decisions necessary to take your company to the next level.
With only having a couple people handling your specific accounts there won’t be in confusion on what’s been done. They will always know what they have gotten done and be able to show clearly and concisely where everything is sitting at. Do you need to cut back on spending? What areas do you need to cut back in? It will all be in nice graphs where you can visually see where you need to do better.

WE want you to have as much of your money as you possibly can. We’re a great company to put your trust in for your company’s financial help. At Shockley we will do everything we can to help make your company better. Our goal is for you to have time to make the changes necessary to go to the next level. Reach out us on the website www.shockleybook.com or call 918-615-8380.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK | Shockley will help mange quickbooks

Join Tax Services Broken Arrow OK You should be focused on improving your products, bringing in new customers, keeping your current one, along with numerous other things. With that being said we want to allow you to put the energy into those things, but you can’t forget about the financial tracking side of things either. Do you think you have the time or the energy on top of all of that to put into tracking your finances effectively? Probably not. It can cause many problems having flawed accounting, including insufficient inventory as well as tax issues just for a couple examples. QuickBooks can be the answer, it’s a great account software that is offered intuit.

With choosing to use QuickBooks it can be a great solution for any small business. It’s also available online. Here at our Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we are all trained on using both QuickBooks and the online version as well they are just slightly different. We even have accounting firms and CPA’s that use our services with Shockley Bookkeeping and they love our services. If accounting firms are with us on this, you should be too. Don’t waste anymore of your time on the financial side, leave it to us.

There are many things that QuickBooks will simplify and help our Tax Services Broken Arrow OK manage your accounts. One of the best things about Quickbooks is its intuitiveness and we love that about it. It makes it to where we plug in the numbers and make sure everything gets input correctly. Not to say we aren’t having to put effort into it, but that its clear cut and always easy to read when everything is said and done. That is why we suggest every small business should invest into using our services with QuickBooks.

Some of the things that it provides are templates which will allow you to create business plans, charts, invoices, purchase orders, and spreadsheets, as well as customizing it to your own needs. It will assist us in calculating payroll and preparing 1099 and W-2 forms. It also provides an inventory tracker and keeps track of the company’s bills and expenses. It will allow owners to scan and upload their signatures which will allow for e-signatures on several different documents.

We think QuickBooks is the way to go and we will use it to simplify things and make it easily legible for you. We’re ready to get you started. Are you? When you’re ready we are here for your small business and want to make you feel worry free. Go on over and make sure to check out our other services we provide as well. You can find it all on our website www.shockleybooks.com or call and ask us about them at 918-615-8380.