The Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will help you grow your business. We are a small business and because of that we know what it takes to focus and have healthy finances to keep your business on target toward growth. In order to do that you need to save time and keep accurate books. With over 50 years of combined tax service Broken Arrow experience, the Professionals of Shockley bookkeeping taxes and Broken Arrow OK has helped small businesses just like yours get control of their business by keeping accurate books month after month.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will help you save time. It takes time to concentrate on growing your business. And after the hard work you put in day after day providing your best services to your customers, we believe it should be easy for you to find a bookkeeping service you trust. hiring the trusted, reliable bookkeeping services at Shockley bookkeeping in Broken Arrow Oklahoma will gain you time we need to stay focused on your customers and do what you do best.

The great Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will help you stay accurate. Smart financial decisions for your small business can only be made if you have accurate information to boost those decisions on. That means you need Tax Service Broken Arrow accurate books to keep your business on track. Why would you spend countless hours spreading over complicated but keeping tasks that may not be your forte, then we can hire a team of professional standard one for you? We are Tax Service and Broken Arrow and will handle every bookkeeping detail from set up to recount your accounts and giving you accurate reports so you can make smart financial decisions for your business. Some of our tasks include data entry, reports, deadlines, debt collection, paying bills, organizing finances, assisting in processing payroll, reconciliation, and meeting deadlines.

Payroll can be simple. It’s no surprise to you as a small business owner that payroll is complicated. When your business reaches a certain level of success payroll becomes the dreaded task that seems to drain your time and energy every pay period, every quarter. And yet because you value the good work for your employees, it’s important to you to pay them correctly and on time. At Shockley bookkeeping, we believe it should be easy to pay your employees. That is why we offer: proper payroll set up, ACH direct deposits, manage payroll forms, figure payroll taxes and insurance, and generate payroll accurately and on time. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team and professionals have helped hundreds of small businesses in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

It is an affordable Payroll Services with big returns. Our Broken Arrow payroll services are relatively inexpensive and yet their payback is extensive. Shockley bookkeeping will make sure your payroll is set up and generated accurately, including all the quarterly tax forms so you can avoid tax mistakes.In order to get your payroll services today you can contact us at, (918)-615-8380 or by visiting our website at We will lower your stress. The peace of mind you get from doing your taxes, insurance, and other deductions are not miscalculated below your stress. We will focus on your business by Outsourcing payroll duties which gives you more time to focus on your business operations. We will help you to better serve your customers, offer better quality products and services,and be able to plan properly for your growing business.

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The Tax Services Broken Arrow OK helps with QuickBooks management. If you’re focused on attracting new customers, retaining current customers, improving your product, and so many other things then this is for you. But do you really have the time and energy to handle your businesses financial tracking effectively? Erroneous accounting causes several problems, including insufficient inventory and tax issues, to name just two. A good solution for any small business needing help with the accounting is QuickBooks, an accounting software offered by Intuit. The business can also use a web-based version of the software,, which is available for a monthly fee. Shockley bookkeeping is trained and experienced in using QuickBooks and QuickBooks online.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK discusses the primary features of quickbooks. Some of the features include providing templates allowing businesses to create business plans, charts, invoices, purchase orders, and spreadsheets and customizing them to their needs. It also helps in assisting and calculation of payroll and preparation of the 1099s and W-2s. It will keep track of inventory and also offers a bill paying method that keeps track of business expenses. Additionally it allows owners to scan and upload their signatures, which can be fixed to check, saving considerable time for business days that are right under the text monthly. These are just a few software features it has which are also available for businesses that use QuickBooks online. Intuit does not require online customers to enter into a long-term contract with it . Rather, they pay a monthly fee and can just discontinue service at any time.

The awesome Tax Services Broken Arrow OK can assist in reporting. Your small business doesn’t have a lot of time to waste. needs to sell its products to its target market with a high degree of accuracy. Accurate financial reports from Shockley bookkeeping can help your business to do just that. Knowing what you are spending your money on will help improve financial decisions in the future. There are many different kinds of financial reports available. Some of these kinds include sales figures for specific time periods, the amount spent on inventory, shrink reports, and payroll facts and figures.

These reports can help your company in many different ways and Shockley Bookkeeping provides these powerful reports. Businesses will be armed with information it needs to become much more efficient. For example, if you know that you spend too much time on payroll on Saturday nights, you can trim the number of people scheduled. If your company throws out too much product, there could be an issue with storage or ordering techniques. Ordering less product will reduce space and increase profit.

These reports can be accessed through the use of QuickBooks Financial software. It is an industry standard for small businesses Financial reporting. QuickBooks allows us to provide an array of detailed financial reporting tools. And if you expect books online,a web- based product, you can access them from anywhere. Financial reporting tools give you information about your company that can’t be known otherwise. It would be foolish for a small business owner not to have a solid financial reporting at his disposal. Business intelligence can help your company save money while finding ways to help it grow at the same time. In order to help your business grow you can contact us by phone at (918)-615-8380, or by visiting our website