Tax Services Broken Arrow OK helps to find a trusted and reliable tax planning service. Small business owners don’t always know what is most important to look for in their accounting providers, and it’s often tempting to go with who is offering the lowest fees. But handling business taxes involves making All the right moves to save on taxes while avoiding mistakes that lead to penalties. It involves smart planning ahead, which means finding a service that has expertise in response taxes. At Shockley books, our team is experienced and Savvy about handling small business taxes, advising you on effective talk spending, and provides financial Insights to help your Oklahoma small business thrive. We believe in working with local businesses because we are a local business too, and we know it matters to get your taxes right so you can have a peace of mind about your finances.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK should be used by those individuals who have little to no experience in small business taxes. Just because a financial service or tax planning company handles taxes doesn’t mean they are preferred to handle your needs. Small businesses taxes are unique in that they can have many elements to address, depending on factors such as whether you are a solopreneur, an LLC or an S-corp, whether you have employees, whether you offer services or products or both, and other concerns. Find out what your tax preparer’s specialty is. If they don’t specialize in your type of business, or if they don’t have much experience in it, they may not be well equipped to help you find the best ways to reduce taxes legally.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK provides year-round advice. It is common for many tax preparers to tackle returns between January and April 15th and then finish for the rest of the year. But, small businesses in Oklahoma need more than just a tax return. The benefit from small business tax planning services is that they address all your needs year round. So if your tax company it’s hard to pin down after April 15th, it’s time to find someone who will be there whenever you need them.

You need to change tax-filing services if your service won’t walk you through the important processes. There are many budgeting and tax related questions that come up and you’re running a small business. You may wonder how to handle your estimated quarterly payments. Or perhaps you’re not sure if you’re required to prepare certain forms, like W2’s, 1099s, and K-1’s. Or you may have received a letter from the IRS that has you concerned.
The truth is, tax related questions are likely to come up all the time for your business. And Then you need to file documents, update accounts, and other aspects of handling your business finances. You want to be sure you’re doing it properly, so you avoid hassles and don’t end up owing money you didn’t need to owe if things have been submitted properly from the beginning. To contact us about tax planning services you can call us at (918)- 615- 8380 or by visiting our website at

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The best Tax Services Broken Arrow OK are those that provide each client with positive information. Here at Shockley bookkeeping, we love numbers and detail your everyday business expenses. It is what we do best.Everything from entering and forming your checkbook register, to paying your employees and paying taxes, we can do it! We understand that running and growing your business is your main goal. Having to take time out to keep your books as well as pay your employees and payroll taxes keeps you focusing on what’s important. Allow Shockley bookkeeping in Broken Arrow to handle this burden for you.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK is founded by Carri Shockley. Carrie was born in Washington state and was a 2000 graduate of Washington State University, with a Bachelor of Arts in organizational communication. She moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend a bible college and loved the area so much, she decided to stay. Carri is happily married and has two children. She has enjoyed her time here and the time she has spent building her business to what it is today.

Shockley Bookkeeping Tax Services Broken Arrow OK began in 2007. Carri began this business to help support her family on a part-time basis out of her home so she could still be at home with her first child. As she continued this journey, the business continued to grow. After having a second child in 2011, she and her husband decided it was time to let the business grow. In May of 2013, Shockley bookkeeping services moved from her home-based office into a quaint office space in downtown Broken Arrow.
Today, they have expanded and are now located in a larger office space on 81st and Aspen and Broken Arrow. She loves to work with numbers and especially loves to reconcile bank and credit card statements. Bookkeeping is a perfect career fit for her! Carri gives her new clients free bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax consultations.
Shockley bookkeeping has been a major stress reliever for business owners in Broken Arrow Oklahoma for years. Imagine what it would be like to know and trust that the infrastructure of your business was aligned,organized, and taken care of professionally. After working with Shockley bookkeeping you will be able to make faster, more accurate decisions, have more information to base those decisions on, get more time in the field attracting new clientele, and decrease the overall stress and enjoy your work.
You also want to see more growth, get accurate reports, meet deadlines on time and on target. Additionally, we’ll have organized files and statements, streamline your financial organization, have time and opportunity for change and advancement, and experience higher creativity. At Shockley bookkeeping the success of your business is our priority. Contact us today at (918)-615-8380 or by visiting our website at you can stop losing time and money which risk your business success. And instead, get a trusted, reliable bookkeeper. You’ll have peace of mind that your books are accurate, and enable you to make better financial decisions.