At Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we offer a wide range of services directly related to assisting your business not only succeed, but exceed above your expectations! For the past 15 years we have built an amazing group of employees who all have the same goal, to help small businesses succeed with ease! By eliminating unnecessary tasks to be performed within your business, it is oftentimes beneficial to outsource these tasks so there is less stress and better optimization of your resources. With over 25 years of experience combined between our employees, we are more than equipped to help you and your business!

We offer bookkeeping, payroll assistance, data reporting, Tax Services Broken Arrow OK and other services! By outsourcing these tedious tasks, your business will be able to put more time into areas within the business that may need work or improvement. With our tax services, we start with a consultation with you and discuss current financial information and your business goals. After this consultation, we get to work. One service that is beneficial to optimize your maximum profit is data reporting.

Data reporting goes hand in hand with Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. We generate this information by using our online software. A bonus about this software is there is an online option that is available for you to review at any time for the most convenience. Some information we are able to generate is sales trends, meaning the best day and time for sales as well as the worst time and day. We are also able to create charts and graphs to show inventory and what is being used appropriately and what is being wasted. This is beneficial because it eliminates the unnecessary stock of supplies that are going to waste, eliminating expenses.

When you hire us for tax preparation and filing, we work with you by obtaining all pertinent tax documents and organize them accordingly. We work all year trying to figure out the best way to file your businesses taxes in order to achieve the greatest tax return. For business owners, taxes are due every few months as well as their yearly tax filing. We manage all of these tedious timelines and required information, and only contact you with questions and send you the final paperwork for you to review and sign. Then we will electronically file for you!

Here at Shockley we take pride in helping small businesses, corporations, proprietorships and other types of business to maximize their success! Our goal is to help your business as much as possible by working behind the scenes, staying organized and offering advice to better help your businesses growth and profit. If you are wanting more information on our services, pricing, or even client testimonials, please visit our website or call us at 918-615-8380!

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK | Business Financial Advisor and Management

If your business is needing Tax Services Broken Arrow OK or surrounding areas, Shockley is the company for you! We offer a wide range of services and our mission is to eliminate unnecessary tasks performed within your business so you can alter your focus and energy towards things that need help. Based out of northeast Oklahoma, we have continued to grow over the past 15 years. We recommend our services for small businesses in our area because we love to help businesses that are in our own communities! By helping you strategize your time better, we also work with you by offering financial advice and tips so you are able to continue to grow and better your business!

One service we offer here at Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK is tax preparation and tax payments. After our initial consultation, we work by reviewing all appropriate tax documents provided by you as well as previous tax filings claims. We help singles, couples, families with or without children, self-employed individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. We also offer special filing needs including amended returns and related issues. Our employees combined have over 25 years worth of experience so we are more than qualified to take on this pertinent responsibility for you!

Along with Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we also offer data reporting. This is beneficial to your company because these reports, charts and graphs become an easier visualization of what is going on in your business, the good and bad! By highlighting sales trends, we can help you adjust your business accordingly so you get the maximum profit and avoid losing money in unnecessary times and situations. It also shows trends in inventory, which shows which products are being used and may require more frequent orders or eliminate certain stock that is costing your business money by going to waste. The best part about the software we use in order to generate this information, is accessible to you at all times on QuickBooks online!

Here at Shockley we strive for that “family oriented” feeling so you feel more trustworthy towards us by helping you and your business as much as we can! Compared to those big financial businesses who are stationed across the country, we are located directly in your communities and we love to watch our areas flourish with successful businesses! On our website we provide customer testimonials as well as information on some of our staff members so you know who you are putting your trust in!

We provide a range of information on our website including those testimonials, pricing information, available services, and a little about our company as a whole! Our website is and our phone number is 918-615-8380 where we can also provide any necessary information and answer any of your questions! If you are a new customer signing up, don’t forget to mention our 20% discount we have available for your first month of services with us. You are required to mention the discount while signing up! We look forward to talking to you and helping your business reach its full potential!