Tax Services Broken Arrow OK has a new special offer for new clients and they will receive 20% off their first month. As mentioned on our website, to receive the savings. It can require quite a bit of work to set up your books and we want to help you with that. After a one time setup fee, everything you need will be customized to your personal budget. You can contact us today and find out how we can make your life easier. We also offer free bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax consultations. We want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied and through this consultation we will be able to customize your plan to better suit your needs.

We have fantastic bookkeeping skills at Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. We have some of the best bookkeeping strategies and skills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have over 50 years of experience within the tax service industry in Broken Arrow. The Professionals of Shockley bookkeeping and taxes in Broken Arrow are some of the best in the nation. They will make your books very accurate month to month. This will help you to not spend a lot of time and money on building your business.

Additionally this will help your books stay very accurate which can only help your business. Which means that you need to get the tax service in Broken Arrow if you want to have accurate books and keep your business on track. Why would you spend countless hours spreading over your complicated bookkeeping tasks but really not be your forte, when you can hire a team of professionals to handle them for you? Our team of professionals is some of the most skilled and experienced in oklahoma. They are very well trained to be able to help you more than any other professionals in the area. Once we get to know you and your business we will be able to come up with a plan that is best suited for you.

Your bookkeeping will be more accurate than ever while using Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. We offer a wide variety of different services that will help your business. Some of these tasks included, report, debt collection, and paying bills. We have helped a lot of people this year with tax management. Quick Fix management is great for small businesses. This means that you all have powerful tracking and analytic capabilities that are using the industry standard software. Shockley offers only the best of service and we would love to spend more time with you and create a great plan that works for you and your small business.

If you are going to have this great service in bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax consultations then you can give us a call at 918-615-8380. Or you can visit our website at We look forward to getting to know you and your small business and look forward to helping you to get a free quote and consultation. It’s time for you to grow your business, save time, and stay accurate and we think that we can help you do that for your business.

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Tax Services Broken Arrow OK have some of the best prices in the Oklahoma area. The pricing for our consultation is completely free. And if you contact us today you can receive 20% off of your first month. Our prices will vary depending on the type of business. The prices will be depending on the different sizes and how much of the servicers you will be needing from us. We will recommend you all that we think would help assist you and your small business to ensure and people get to choose from what we think would work best for you.

We help in various different types of businesses.Ranging from restaurants to doctors offices. We really can help any kind of business with all of our bookkeeping skills. We hope that you will use us and our resources to help strengthen your business.The way it works is you are going to contact us and we will start helping you with your tax needs by following four simple steps. First we will have a scheduled meeting with the 30-minute consultation at Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. We will review your previous text documents and discuss your tax situation.

If you are a returning client you can simply bring us your documentation. Next we will prepare your taxes. Our tax professional prepares your taxes, they will stay in touch with you on the details. Thirdly, we will sign your taxes. we will email you to let you know your tax documents are ready to review and sign. it will do this either in person or by an e-signature. Lastly, we will file your taxes. Once the documents are signed and payment is received, we will file your taxes electronically.

Some of our competitors do not offer year-round service but at Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we like to offer various packages to help with all your various needs. We can do monthly meetings, quarter meetings, or we could do one yearly meeting depending on your business needs. We hope you feel much more comfortable regardless of what package you choose after allowing our certified tax professionals to help you today. It will be much easier than ever tax season comes around for you and me business and you will get to focus on your clients. We will help you with all of your taxes and bookkeeping needs.

Shockley bookkeeping has very experienced workers that will help you to reach your main business goal. Having to take time out to keep your books as well as pay your employees and payroll taxes can keep you from focusing on what’s most important. We want to allow you to connect with your customers better by freeing up the time that you spend as a business owner taking care of your taxes and bookkeeping. We are very detail oriented and we will help to make sure that your taxes are both accurate and being done efficiently. To schedule a consultation give us a call today at 918-615-8380.Or you can contact us by visiting our website at