Tax Services Broken Arrow OK can help in creating an umbrella corporation. The advantages of creating an Umbrella Corporation include handling multiple businesses especially useful if you are looking to sell part or all of what you own to a larger business. Another Advantage is if you have an established business that you’d like to have found in your placement I’m sure, the approach may be useful. Its approach is highly complex, involving a lot of moving parts. We will help you be little more involved by spending quite a bit of time, planning, and cost to do it legally and safely. To ensure this is a related wish for you and that it is executed to your advantage, you should consult with an attorney and our tax expert.

Our experts at Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will help you make decisions on your financials. One of the best ways to ensure enjoying the financial benefits of small business ownership and maximizing your tax decisions is to partner with a bookkeeping and tax service company that specializes within small local businesses like yours. At Shockley bookkeeping we have over 50 years of ongoing experience in Oklahoma. We will help you make smart financial decisions and file taxes accurately and on time. For small business tax services, contact us today for a frequent consultation to find out how to best structure your multiple businesses for your specific situation.

With the help of Tax Services Broken Arrow OK you can switch tax service providers to be more satisfied. Small business owners can get frustrated by problems that occur when handling payroll or. Business owners who outsource payroll can become dissatisfied with the service they receive. If You find yourself discontented with the account and dislike current payroll services, and they’re considering the concept of changing services, realize making a necessary change can be well worth the time invested and pay off for itself. When you find a new payroll service, efficiency over systems and processes become well organized, most likely, and set you up to grow your business. The pay off and you receive an implementing efficient Payroll Services can be fabulous.

One reason a company might leave their current payroll system is because of incorrect data in the system. Data can get complex when it’s entered through separate systems for things like payroll, time cards, attendance, and employee benefits. When an employee gets married or has an address change, and multiple systems are used for data, it’s possible to enter and correct information or even update some of the systems and overlook others, creating problems for the future.

The solution to this is hiring a local payroll company with a single database which makes the process of updating data due to life transitions easy, efficient, and accurate.Shockley Bookkeeping and taxes provides bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services for small businesses in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We can help you regardless of the type of business and offer various services to help you with all of your bookkeeping and tax needs. To contact us by phone call, (918)-615-8380 or visit our website at

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Your small business doesn’t have a lot of money to waste. At Tax Services Broken Arrow OK we can help you to save money. it needs to solve products to its target market with a high degree of accuracy. Accurate Financial reports from Shockley bookkeeping can help your business do just that. Moving you’re spending your money will improve financial decisions in the future. There are many different types of financial reports that you can have access to. Some of them are sales figures for a specific time, amount spent on inventory, reports, and payroll facts and figures.

This can help your company in many different ways. When Shockley bookkeeping provides these powerful reports, your business will be armed with information it needs to become much more efficient. For example, if you know that you spend too much time on payroll on Saturday nights, you can trim the number of people scheduled. If your company throws out too much product there could be an issue of storage or ordering techniques. Ordering less product reduces waste and increases profits. You and your small business today should give us a call and let us start helping you with all of your bookkeeping needs today.You will save so much money and will receive so many benefits whenever you decide to use Shockley bookkeeping.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will show you these reports through the use of QuickBooks Financial Software. Shockley books utilizes QuickBooks financial software, and sets standard for small business finance reporting. QuickBooks allows us to provide an array of detailed financial reporting tools. And if you use QuickBooks online, you will love those products, you can access them from anywhere. Financial reporting tools give you information about your company that can’t be known otherwise. It would be foolish for a small business owner not to have a solid financial reporting at his disposal.

Business intelligence can help your company save money while finding ways to help it grow at the same time. And Shockley books can help you do that. These amazing reporting tools will be very beneficial to your company and Shockley will provide you the absolute best service. Shockley bookkeeping offers various types of services they have tax services but keeping services and they do much of this through the use of QuickBooks. Shockley is great, especially in the tax preparation services. The tax preparation at Shockley works with customers and around Broken Arrow.

The very best tax related services are at Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. They handle income tax preparation for all different types of individuals. Broken Arrow tax services are different from others due to our close and personal attention that we pay to tax preparation. We actually are personable and when we meet with our clients to help them discuss their future. If you want to help yourself and your business today by using our tax services please give us a call today at 918-615-8380. Or you can visit our website at