We are more than just a tax service at Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. With us you’ll get more than you expect. We want you to feel at home when you come to our office. We want to ease any concerns you have and get to the bottom of your tax, payroll, and bookkeeping needs. With us you won’t have to have any of these worries anymore. Our team has specialized in many areas that are included with the services. If you’re feeling a toll of those responsibilities. We’re here to relieve that. We want to provide you with more time to take care of the important parts of your business.

We are over here at Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK Want to be the answer to your business needs. We want you to have more time to put into the marketing of your company or directly into your employees. We want you to have the time you need to focus on the areas of your business you deem the most important. We on our team will shine and word of mouth will do its work. With more time you’re guaranteed your company will become more successful. What’s time to focus on all the areas you’ve been slacking on.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK Is ready to take on your next need for your finances in your business. You can also use many tools from our website to look over things and determine if we would be the right fit for your company. Several of those tools on our website can be very useful. A guide to QuickBooks is one of the tools we have available on our website. Which can be extremely helpful for many companies. We want you to join our financial family and you take the next step with making your company more organized.

Our team will always take great care of you. You’ll always be greeted with a warm smile. We are a small business oriented but keeping and tax service company who strive to make a difference in our community. Through helping out other small businesses become more successful and organized. When you come to Shockley you can expect a friendly team to take care of all of your taxes and bookkeeping needs. We think that you will love working with us. With the professionalism and kind heartedness you get with a Shockley team. Taking the time to invest into our local businesses through helping them create more organization and their company is something we find incredibly rewarding whether it’s payroll. Taxes or bookkeeping. We love making a contribution.

Leave all your bookkeeping payroll and tax needs to us, the specialist we’ve got you in our hands. Shockley believes that a good foundation to a business owner’s successful growth is in the bookkeeping payroll and taxes. Time is money so let us handle it. We’ll take on the details. You deal with all the day today functioning normal stress. We’ve got the difficult part under control. You can call us at 918-615-8380 or set up a consultation www.shockleybooks.com.

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Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow OK want you know how much we care about helping your small business. We’re passionate about making your bookkeeping and payroll needs met. You deserve to have a top of the line team taking care of your payroll and bookkeeping needs. Which that’s what you’ll get when you come to Shockley. We want to give you the help you deserve to get your put keeping done with us and you’ll have no worries about your accounts. Your worries are our problem now. We’ll take care of those taxes for you and you employees. Employees will be happy with how quickly they are getting paid after starting with your company.

Our goal is to increase your productivity inside your own company. Just leave the payroll taxes and bookkeeping to us. Tax Services Broken Arrow OK We will find out what you need and what fits your company best. Not everybody needs all of the extras that come along with the bookkeeping. We want you to trust us and feel like you can tell us exactly what you’re wanting from us. If any of this makes sure go Hey maybe I should check them out.Please, go to our website and at least look at what we’ve got to offer.

Our Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will make you feel right at home. Do you need payroll help. Our killer team is certified to do that as well. We know these things can become quite a hassle on top of every other thing your company needs from you. Trust in us and be rolling in no time with new employees starting after we set up your payroll system clearly. It will be easy as pie to get them in your payroll system. One of the things that makes our payroll system so easy. Is your employees are able to have ACH Direct deposit this system works fantastically for most companies. It eliminates the need to have a payroll person to manage your payroll.

We want you to feel like you have the power with all of your bookkeeping taxes and payroll. That’s why we will talk to you about everything and let you make the final decision. Will make sure you understand what we’re going to do. We will continue to go over the ways you can reduce your tax liability in a legally and responsible manner. With our help handling all your finances you won’t have to worry about it anymore. You’ll have access to our killer financial help moving forward if you choose to get our help. Which we think you should.

With Shockley you’ll get only the best and we want to make your business better. We hope you choose to work with us. We will make sure your taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll are all taken care. If you find any information on our website helpful then you should set up a consultation with us either through the website or over the phone. Our website is www.shockleybooks.com and our phone number is 817-615-8380.