Tax Services Broken Arrow OK assist with one of the most important parts of your small business, your accountant. Most small businesses want to avoid the high cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper and benefit from Outsourcing their accounting needs to a trusted bookkeeping, payroll, and tax professional. If you have done your bookkeeping in house,or you’ve used a bookkeeping service that you are not pleased with any longer, the need for a change is necessary in order to better meet your businesses current and future needs.It may be wise to consider transitioning to a local bookkeeping service that specializes in your industry.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK will make sure your business is using up to date technology. If you are ready to transition to a new bookkeeping service for your small business, look for one that specializes in your industry and gives you peace of mind regarding your business finances. Partnering with a committed small business bookkeeping firm will take the hassle out of bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. imagine having the assurance that your books, payroll and taxes are all accurate and on time. The right bookkeeping service for your small business will keep up with the IRS and state regulations in exchange for freeing up your time to do what you do best, grow your business. the right service plan to your questions and do their part, while keeping you in control.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK. will help to ensure their bookkeeping service is right for you. The keys to transitioning to a new bookkeeping, payroll, and tax service include interviewing a new bookkeeping service, giving ample notice to your current accountant of the change, providing your new bookkeeping service with the necessary documentation, and setting many goals with your bookkeeping service to help business grow. Your bookkeeping service should have a distinct understanding of what you pay, who pays you, and how to maximize your return on investments. Your relationship with your bookkeeping service should be built on a solid foundation of trust, and you should be comfortable being transparent with them about your personal finances. you should have a solid confidence that the bookkeeping services are accurate and efficient.

Confident, Savvy business owners know how important it is to stay up to date on taxes, regulations, and quarterly payments with all those who have business books, taxes, and payroll that are on time and accurate. The problem is that keeping payroll, and business taxes can be complicated and time-consuming. Business owners can find themselves feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed about their business finance.

At Shockley bookkeeping, we believe it should be easy to manage,respond to business books accurately and efficiently,and submit taxes on time. That’s why with over 50 years that’s combined experience, our team has helped hundreds of small businesses in Broken Arrow get their books back on track and manage them accurately month after month. To have your bookkeeping needs met you can contact us at (918)-615-8380 or by visiting our website at

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Tax Services Broken Arrow OK serves in Oklahoma. We serve in broken arrow, tulsa, owasso, bixby, jinx, claremore, coweta, sapulpa, sand springs, in Oklahoma city. As a QuickBooks certified proadvisor, we can handle all your bookkeeping needs and set up to pay well, tax preparation, and general bookkeeping. You’ll have an account manager and if you are assigned directly to you to answer your questions as you need, keeping you informed and in control.

Tax Services Broken Arrow OK assists with Sub-S corporations. Many Sub- S corporations don’t pay themselves a reasonable salary. This allowed them to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes. Although many Sub-S corporations have slipped through the cracks in the past, the IRS is becoming more strict on this rule by cracking down on all Sub-S Corporation owners to make sure they pay themselves a reasonable salary. If the IRS finds, in their reviews, that companies are falling as far more they could face, they have to find penalties for noncompliance. find out what a reasonable salary is for the field each and every works and have this thing the us borrow a flavors statistics. this is the same resource Sub-S companies. If the company falls below their average salary they can be fined for underpayment of salary.
Tax Services Broken Arrow OK also can help business owners who own multiple businesses. Owning and managing multiple business locations can involve many financial decisions. And you want to do it right, so you enjoy the maximum financial benefits while minimizing your tax liabilities. For that reason,it makes a lot of sense to select the right small business tax structure and employ the best text strategies. the business. Multiple business ownership involves some additional planning, but when you do it wisely, you’ll see many advantages that will also ensure your saving time, money, and I’ve heard of the management of your business. From Key questions and tips to keep in mind concerning small business tax structure if you own multiple businesses in Oklahoma.

There are several legal tax structures you can choose from when setting up your multiple small businesses for success. Here’s an overview of each to consider as you decide when small business tax structures are right for your situation. One popular approach to having several businesses is to treat each as its own separate entity. This approach separately incorporates each business you have.

There’s an advantage to the strategy when I said it is a great option if each of your businesses don’t overlap the others for example if you have a landscaping business and also a jewelry making business. It’s also helpful to keep business separated if one or more of your ventures is particularly risky, such as real estate investments. The separation will limit your liability, for example, if your landscaping business is sued it will not affect your jewelry making business. If you want help instilling this strategy you can contact us at (918)-615-8380, or by visiting our website at