Some services that Shockley Tax Services Broken Arrow offers small businesses are tax services, bookkeeping and payroll. These services are some of the tedious behind the scene tasks that business owners often spend a lot of time on. Shockley associates take pride in lending a helping hand to businesses with the intention of giving them more time to focus on other things amongst their company. With over 25 years worth of experience between all of their employees, they offer a great alternative to outsourcing unnecessary work that the employer has to worry about.

By providing these services Shockley and associates have created an upstanding reputation for themselves and are one of the best Tax Services Broken Arrow. When tax services are provided, we offer a wide range of resources. Including tax preparation, monitoring and organizing tax documents throughout the year so when it comes time for quarterly or annually tax filing, we can handle it. Our goal is to accurately file your taxes with minimal help from our clients, yet keeping them informed, so there is no stress among the employer. Once we are done with our side, we will email you everything for review and a signature. We will then file your taxes electronically.

Tax Services Broken Arrow that are also offered are helping with any questions about taxes and the best option for your company. After reviewing your tax documents, we will strategize on the best option for your filing season. With an extensive background in accounting and finances, we are well informed on the best ways to file your businesses taxes in order to receive the best deductions and credits. Depending on the goals for your business, we will also offer advice on how to file your taxes for future returns.

At Shockley tax services and bookkeeping, our main goal is to absorb some duties that are able to be outsourced and free up time for you to focus on other needs of your business, ultimately striving for a growth in your business. We have been growing our business all over northeast Oklahoma in multiple cities including Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Owasso, Sapulpa, Oklahoma City and others. Among tax preparation and tax filing, we also offer financial services. With our wide range of employees and their experience, we are here to help you and your business strategize the important tasks that need to be done in order for your business to thrive!

If you’re looking for more information or want to chat with one of our employees about information on how we can help, give us a call at 918-615-8380 or visit our website Our main page, at the bottom, has boxes for you to type in your contact information and a box to type what you’re needing help with so we can prepare for our phone call! If you are a new client, make sure to mention our deal of 20% off your first month of services!

Tax Services Broken Arrow | Tax and Payroll Assistance

Based out of northeast Oklahoma, we offer Tax Services Broken Arrow and in other surrounding cities. Some of our service areas include Tulsa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Owasso, Oklahoma City and more! We are able to cover multiple areas in Oklahoma due to our amazing and experienced staff with a combination of 25 years worth of knowledge and experience! Our employees are goal oriented, and our goal is to help your business succeed and be better and bigger than you imagined!

At Shockley Tax Services and Bookkeeping we offer a wide range of Tax Services Broken Arrow
services that are available to you. Tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll. We start our relationships with new clients by a simple 30 minute phone call, completely free to you! During this consultation we will review current business taxes, documents, sales, goals among other things. Bottom line, our mission is to help small businesses in our communities reach their maximum potential. By us doing some of the back work, it frees up employees time so they are able to utilize their time elsewhere within their company. This is so every employee is utilized in the best possible way for the success of the business!

Even though most people refer to our business as Tax Services Broken Arrow we also offer reporting. Reporting, also known as data reporting, is helpful information that is generated through our online software. This system tracks trends throughout your business including staffing coverage, best time and day for sales and even inventory. By creating a visual representation of staffing coverage, we are able to recognize when there are overstaffing situations resulting in a lesser profit for the company. When we generate charts of the best sales, this shows us when the best time is to make money for your business! We also offer inventory waste and usage information. This is important so we can see where to limit certain supplies due to being wasted and not receiving any profit from certain products.

By generating charts of the staffing schedule, it provides a better representation on if and when your business is making the best profit! Why overstaff on days that have lower sales when you can optimize your growth and profit by spreading out staffing where needed? Another great example of using this information for the benefit of your company, is to properly utilize employees. If coverage is overstaffed, maybe an employee can resort to another task within the business so everything about your business is as efficient as possible. The better efficiency among business, the more successful the business is able to be!

Our family oriented business has multiple, amazing client testimonials. We like to provide videos of these testimonials on our website so that you are able to make a more comfortable decision when choosing to work with our company! To watch these videos and read other information about our company, available services and even short descriptions of a few of our employees, please visit our website or give us a call at 918-615-8380. We look forward to hearing from you!