f you’re small to mid-side business is looking for additional help with tax service Broken Arrow, bookkeeping, payroll assistance, or reporting then Shockley Tax Services and Bookkeeping is the company you’re looking for! Our founder Carrie Shockley has over 20 years of experience with assisting small businesses with tax-keeping services. When combining all of our employees we have about 50 years of experience that we used to help benefit your business and make it more efficient.

Our goal here at Shockley Tax Services and bookkeeping is to free up some of your time so you are able to work on other things within your business besides Tax Service Broken Arrow. By outsourcing these tedious small tasks to our company, you are able to divide your time more efficiently and are able to work on things that need additional help. Here at Shockley, we help with all sorts of different tax services. The two most popular are filing quarterly and annual taxes for small businesses. We work year-round with your business while keeping an open line of communication so you are always in the know when it comes to your taxes.

Besides offering our tax service Broken Arrow services, we also offer bookkeeping services. Most people think it is unnecessary to hire someone to take care of their books but our goal is to better your business in any way that we possibly can. by working on your books we are keeping them up-to-date and accurate so there is no extra stress on your part. Some of our bookkeeping services are data entry, reports, deadlines, debt collection, paying bills, organizing finances, assisting and processing payroll and much more.

All of our employees have extensive backgrounds and a wide variety of different career paths including accounting and tax preparation. We work year-round with all of our businesses communicating openly so that there are no surprises. While we are working all of your books, and filing your taxes, and it’s the same with payroll, we are always looking for more efficient ways to do things in your business. We are currently offering a special for new clients for a free consultation at a discounted rate for your first month of service with us.

If you’d like more information on the services that we provide, the history of our company, background information of our founder and employees, prices and services areas, the visitor website at www.shockleybooks.com. On our website, you will also find Any information you need to help comfort you when making this decision to Outsource some of your services within your business. If our website doesn’t answer any of your questions or concerns or you would like to schedule your free consultation give us a call at 918-615-8380. Hire Shockley today if you want to free up some of your time and better your business while doing so! We look forward to working with you!

Tax Service Broken Arrow | Manage Your Taxes Accurately

Here at Shockley Tax Services and Bookkeeping, a well-established company with over 20 years of experience, we offer multiple services that include tax service broken arrow, bookkeeping, payroll services, reporting programs and services in much much more. All of our services follow our company’s motto and generally free up some of your time so that you are able to divide your time wisely and work on other parts of your company that may need more attention. We know that this is a stressful decision to trust an outside company with these important details, but we take pride and continuously help small businesses within our community.

our most popular service here at Shockley tax services is our bookkeeping services and tax service broken arrow. When you hire a company to help with your booking services, we will provide data entry, reports, deadlines, debt collection, paying bills, organizing finances, assisting in payroll services, meeting deadlines and much more. We also worked with the program QuickBooks management and this is a helpful tool for us to be able to enter your data from your business and help create graphs, charts, and information to highlight the pros and cons of your business. This is helpful because it provides a visual representation of numbers and data for an easy interpretation.

even Shockley is mostly known for their tax service broken arrow, another popular service that we provide is our payroll assistance. When we work with your payroll department we are in charge of setting up new direct deposit accounts for new employees, making sure that each employee is getting paid correctly for their amount of hours and on time, and handling any other problems with monthly paychecks. Those companies find this very beneficial because it frees up a lot of their time and they are able to continue to keep their staff Happy by always having on time and accurate paychecks.

For the past 20 years chocolate and our team have worked to build relationships between each one of our clients that last year’s or even decades. This relationship is to help you build trust while outsourcing these very important daily tasks in your business in order to keep it up and running. Not only do we keep it up and running, we are always looking for ways to improve it, save you money and even make more money. Movie do this is when we are filing your taxes we look for ways to optimize your tax refund and limit the amount of money that goes to the government, all legally of course. We also pay attention to those sneaky quarterly and annual tax deadlines so you do not have to stress throughout the year and especially during those busy tax seasons.

for more information regarding any of our services, background information ever employees or the history of our company overall please visit our website at www.shockleybooks.com or give us a call at 918-615-8380. We are currently offering a discounted rate for newly signed up members so give us a call today and let’s schedule your first free consultation now.