By Focusing on what takes your stress off your business let us handle your finances at Tax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping. we know that maintaining his business is very frustrating and takes time consuming so why not let us take some part of that weight off. we offer new client specials and receive discounts on their business and personal tax returns. our services aren’t just taxes and bookkeeping but we also do payroll. We build relationships with every client to ensure that we are fully understanding of their situation and needs.

we know that financial services are a huge part of our living success and helping with your finances to help you achieve your dreams Ambitions and goals are something that we work here at Tax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping. To give you a little about Who We Are and what we have been doing in business is taking control and understanding their finances of others. we have experts in payroll bookkeeping and tax preparation for small to midsize business. we love what we do and love to impact those around us. We understand that running your own business is a main goal.

allowing you to take time out of your books as well as your play here at Tax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping will take care and handle the burden for you. we know that every detail of a business is crucial to the success of it. everything from entering information to pay your employees and pay taxes we can do it all for you. We would love to make your life easier and efficient for you especially with a big business on your back. don’t hesitate to look us up by any means to secure that you are safe with us

we will guarantee you a good job and good Tax Services done here in oklahoma. we are accurate and dependable bookkeeping services. no matter how small or big it is we got you. you can trust us to send a situation you provide and quote a customized for your business needs. we believe in helping others succeed to help our relationship with you as well. our customers insurance is more bigger than these numbers. as our team helps hundreds of small businesses it doesn’t stop us from helping any other more from succeeding. we take their books off the back and check and manage them accurately a month after month with all this.

we also provide free bookkeeping Payroll Services or tax consultation so feel free to give us a call 918-615-8380. this is a great business to trust into so we encourage you the most to look at our website at We will guarantee you satisfaction with their work here with us. we are looking forward to hearing you. we are Dependable bookkeeping for small businesses or a large as we serve those in need. Allow us to handle a big burden for you.

Tax Service Broken Arrow | Extra Mile

We are here to take that extra mile for you when you are too busy running your business at Tax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping. My number one priority is taking care of our customers. we understand those stressful times and needs and so we are here to help. we will continue to provide and we will let you rely on us. as we are trustworthy. we have professionals to do and handle everything that needs to be done to successfully fulfill your needs. every little detail is much-taken care of here with us. we are timely professionals that have answers to a lot of things that save people time.

To maintain professionalism, work ethic, quality of work, and sincere business here at ITax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping you will not be disappointed. We will not disappoint we’re coming to take care of her knees or any situations you might face. we are here to provide professionalism and nothing less. The smile that you will have left our office and the less stress you have trust in us is our goal. we are highly recommended by many people and big companies. Our services that we provide includes tracking and analyzing your businesses finances. we are QuickBooks certified Pro advisor.

Here ar Tax Service Broken Arrow with Shockley Tax Services & Bookkeeping we do everything from setting up to payroll tax preparation and general bookkeeping. you have your own personal account manager and review assigned directly to you. if you have any questions or anything throughout this time you are more than welcome to reach out. you will be surprised when you fire taxes without having to struggle. we prepare quarterly taxes and also manage your tax liability year-round. we suggest you to get the full benefit of tax deductions on your personal text return that we can guarantee will happen.

we also do a free coat and consultation. we are Dependable bookkeeping for small businesses in Oklahoma and we will not disappoint. services that you can trust in any solution and provide a quote for your needs. our teams are here to help you in any circumstances you are facing with your business. We’re here to make your taxes easy. for most people, it is a little bit complicated but we are here to figure out and file them for you. as it is time-consuming especially when tax season is coming and there are regular changes to these protocols we are up to date and professionalize with everything.

From small business tax services to personal tax services we are here to handle those for you. to get that free bookkeeping payroll service or tax consultation please give us a call at -918-615-8380. to learn more about us and what we have to offer you can visit our website at We are able to guarantee you a smile after you leave the office with less stress on your back.