Are you excited about tax season? Because we’re excited about pack season. Are you ready to get these taxes filed? Mark because we’re ready to file those taxes for you. We’ll handle it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We hope to make things easy on you and label the hard work on us. We are the professionals so leave it to us. We’ll get it all taken care of and no time. Before you know it you’ll have your taxes back and soul your employees. And everybody will be happy.

Shockley Difference Tax Service Broken Arrow creates relationships with every client to ensure we are fully understanding your situation and needs. Your finances are an integral part of living a successful running business and keeping it moving. We wanted to make your life the easiest we can, just leave it to us. We take great pride in helping with your finances to achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions, we want to be the help you need. You can reach us at 918-615-8380 Or check us out on our website where you’ll find many options.

Come see us at Shockley Bookkeeping and Tax Service Broken Arrow. We’re here to be the help you need. We’ll take the frustration out of your business finances . We make sure you have access to our services on our website. Along with our pricing and our contact information. Any other information you can find in our about on the website as well. Our website is The services we provide are tax services, bookkeeping services, quickbooks management, reporting, payroll, tax preparation, tax payments.

Shockley Tax Service Broken Arrow Is rated among the top three accounting firms in the area so, You know you’ll find what you’re needing here. Schedule your free business financial consulting with us on the website. We provide discounted rates on the business and personal tax returns for new clients. Again we take the frustration out of your business financially so that you can focus on what you do best. We want to ease your stress and give me a piece of mind. Don’t let taxes and stress turn to Shockley tax services.

Why customers say Shockley is the best around. They’re extremely Insightful and helpful with bookkeeping for small businesses and personal accounts. Carrie is always ready to go the extra mile to me any wants and needs for your but keeping and tax services. Carrie and her team are always delivering what customers need in a prompt manner. They have been hugely helpful for many businesses around the broken arrow and surrounding areas. They are always timely and professional and they really know their stuff. They are highly recommended by many small business owners. Contact us at 918-615-8380 Or visit our website at

Tax Service Broken Arrow | Top 3 accounting firm

Shockley Tax Service Broken Arrow We’ve been in business for over fifteen years. We’re here to understand all You’re a payroll, bookkeeping, and tax needs. We focus on small medium sized businesses to help impact your life for the better. We want to make taxes as season on you so there’s no worries for you, leave it to us. We’re here to take the stress off of you doing what we love. Leave all your tax, payroll, and bookkeeping needs to us. We’ve got this under control. We’re here to take the stress out of taxes.

Not only does Shockley Tax Service Broken Arrow With taxes. We’ll also help you keep track of paying all of your employees, and make sure they get their money too. Which will make them happy with you, and it won’t even be something you have to think about. We’re not only here for taxes, but also here to help with those frustrating everyday business expenses. We know you have to treat those employees too, not just pay them. We do it all here at Shockley, the best tax service in Broken Arrow. Always keep us in mind when you’re out there shopping for your next tax service provider.

Shockley Tax Service Broken Arrow On a website you’ll find a lot of helpful information under resources: such as five ways to tell you need a new tax planning Service, Why hiring a small business account beats retaining a costly CPA, 8 essentials to look for in a new Bookkeeping Service most common small business payroll mistakes to avoid in quickbooks and many more great recourse. You’ll find all of this on You can also contact us at 918-615-8380. Other things you will find on our website are W-4 forms, I-9 forms Authorization for direct deposit, power of Attorney for OESC and power for IRS and tax guide.

Shockley makes taxes easy. Taxes can be complicated figuring them out and filing them can all be very stressful especially when they are changing regularly. At Shockley bookkeeping it should be easy to manage your taxes and bookkeeping. With 25 years of combined experience between our tax preparers. You’ll find all your needs will be met here. We’ll get you the full benefits of your tax deductions and here’s how. We’ll schedule a thirty minute consultation tribute over your previous tax documents and discuss your situation. They don’t only do taxes for companies. They also do individual taxes as well so great you use them for your company. They can take care of your personal and your family.

Our tax professionals will prepare your taxes and we’ll keep in touch with you on the details. We will send you an electronic signature form to sign for your taxes. So you don’t even have to be there in person to do so. File your taxes that’s what will finish up with. They’ll be filed electronically and no worries for you we got this. Shockley is a year round service. Taxes aren’t just for tax season, it’s all the time. You don’t have to dread April 15th, leave it to us. Don’t be stressed come to broken arrow certified tax professionals. Contact us at 918-615-8380 Or visit our website at