Shockley tax services and bookkeeping services have been an established company that has offered Bookkeeper Tulsa services for the past 20 years. In 2007 Carrie started this business in the comfort of her own home as a part-time gig for just a little bit of extra money. A few years later the business was so successful and continuously expanding that she decided to take a leave of faith and move purposes into a building and focus on the growth of her company. Carrie and her employees strive to help small to midsize businesses in our communities free up their time so that they are able to optimize other areas within their business.

We offer some of the finest Tax Services in the state of Oklahoma as well as one of them most well-known bookkeeper Tulsa. Bookkeeping services offer a wide range of assistance for you and your employees. Some of the things that we help with when you request or bookkeeping service is data entry, payroll services, reports, deadlines, debt collection, paying bills, and organizing finances. These are helpful because these are small tasks that are often very time consuming. If I ask, working on these everyday you were able to work on other parts of your company that might need additional assistance.

Shockley is one of the best bookkeeper Tulsa and tax providers in our area and we love to help small businesses in our communities thrive. We aim to create a very trustworthy and open relationship with each one of our clients so that we are able to understand the needs as well as their goals for their business. Each one of our services offers a great amount of additional time that is able to be used sparingly throughout your company. Our goal is to provide happy and satisfied customers as well as help create and maintain small businesses in our area.

We also offer our tax services to individuals, small businesses, Sole proprietors, partnerships, and even corporations. Most of our clientele is small to mid-sized business owners within the Broken Arrow in Tulsa communities. By helping these small businesses we are helping our community as a whole. We love to see businesses and companies Thrive and maximize their potential growth with the help of our assistance. We want you to be as stress-free as possible and have the most time available for your everyday tasks so that you’re able to enjoy life.

If you would like to read some information about our services that we offer, areas that we provide services to, prices, about us, and even client testimonials please visit our website give us a call today at 918-615-8380 so we can schedule your first time free consultation to discuss the needs of your company, available Services we have to offer, how we can help your business grow as a whole, and just start building that trustworthy relationship. We would love to hear from you and look forward to helping your business so we are offering a discounted rate for new clients on their first month of services.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Bookkeeping and Tax Services

For the past 20 years Shockley tax services and bookkeeping has continued to grow and expand. Since moving to the new location in 2011 Carrie has continued to expand her business and employees so that we are able to help as many businesses and companies in our communities as possible by offering multiple services including bookkeeper tulsa. Our employees have a combined history of over 50 years worth of knowledge and experience in multiple career areas including financing, accounting, and tax preparation.

All of our employees are well equipped to help you recognize popular Trends within your business, help file those annual and yearly tax returns, and offer bookkeeper Tulsa services. Our book of services is greatly appreciated among our clientele because they are able to spend their time doing other things. Bookkeeping is often multiple tedious tasks on a daily basis that often takes too much time. By outsourcing this to our company we are able to provide multiple different services including payroll assistance, data entry, tax filing, paying utility bills monthly and much more.

Shockley is one of the finest bookkeeper Tulsa in Broken Arrow areas. Another service that we offer that is greatly appreciated among our clientele is our tax preparation filing services. We work year-round by collecting and configuring tax documents and business documents so that we are able to accurately and efficiently file all sorts of taxes for you. We take care of both annual and yearly federal and state taxes. We were kind of scenes by filing your taxes for you, emailing you an overview of the file , requesting a signature and then we will file it electronically for you!

Our business as a whole and each individual service is Ames to help your business in any way that we possibly can. By offering multiple different services in multiple different service areas we are able to help midsize businesses continue to grow and optimize their profit. We love to offer our assistance to small businesses within our communities because we love to see our community grow as a whole. On our website you will see multiple clientele video testimonies In hope to provide some comfort when choosing a company to help you with these important tax services.

If you would like more information on our company as a whole, information and background on our employees, service locations, pricing, special discounts, or any other questions or concerns that you may think of visit our website at we are currently offering a discounted rate for newly signed up clients for a discounted rate on their first month of services. we also offer a free consultation for first-time clients so that we are able to sit down and discuss the needs of your business, goals of your business, and how we are able to provide assistance and free up some of your time. give us a call at 918-615-8380 so we can get your consultation scheduled and help your business grow.