You’re a small business owner in Broken Arrow or surrounding areas and are needing assistance with tax services, payroll services, or even bookkeeper Tulsa services, Shockley is here to help. For the past 20 years we have continued to expand and grow our clientele while helping businesses succeed and maximize their profit and potential. We help small businesses by offering a large amount of different services that most business owners spend a lot of time doing every single day. By eliminating these responsibilities you were able to use your time wisely within your company and work on areas that are losing money or inefficient.

Shockley is able to offer some of the finest bookkeeper Tulsa services in the state of Oklahoma as well as multiple others appreciated assistance. Our goal here at Shockley is to free up as much time as yours as possible so that you are able to delegate it to areas of need within your company. Some people may think that their business is as efficient as possible but if you request our data reporting service we are able to configure and generate charts, graphs, and documents that are easy to understand and highlight the pros and cons of your business. Some of the ports that we are able to run are inventory and the supplies that are bringing in profit in the supplies that are being wasted and losing money.

Another great benefit of our bookkeeper Tulsa services is we are able to configure charts and graphs and are able to provide a better visual representation of Trends within your business. One popular Trend that we recognize is overstaffing coverage. We will highlight the times and days where there is too much stuff for the amount of profit being made during that time. By recognizing this we are able to help you change your own stopping coverage so that you are appropriately staffed for the appropriate amount of sales. Another benefit for this bookkeeping service is we are able to see which supplies / products are making the most money in the best days and times To sell these. This is just one way that we are able to make your business more profitable and efficient.

all of our services are created to eliminate unnecessary stress as a business owner and hope you focus on problem areas. between our bookkeeping and Reporting data we are able to point in the direction of areas that are in need. If you are new to this idea of Outsourcing certain tasks, you can visit our website to read information On the history of our business, previous satisfied customers and how our services help them, a list of services and their prices, and even video testimonies from previous clientele. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during this transition and create a lifelong relationship with each new client that we help.

Our website is and our phone number is 918-615-8380. Give us a call today so we can schedule your first free consultation and discuss your business needs and how we are able to help. We look forward to seeing you.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Data Reporting and Tax Preparation

A well established business of 20 years, Shockley tax services and bookkeeping, we are well known in the state of Oklahoma as offering some of the best bookkeeper Tulsa services. Another few options that we offer are tax preparation, tax filing, payroll services, data reporting, and much more. Each one of these Services is designed to help you as a business owner free up some time and eliminate stress. we strive to create a trustworthy relationship with each one of our clients and are continuously keeping an open line of communication so there are no surprises in everybody’s on the same page

If you’re unaware how hiring a bookkeeper Tulsa can benefit you, visit our website to watch multiple video testimonies from previous satisfied customers talking about how Shockley helped their business succeed. By offering a wide range of services over a large service area, we hope to help as many small to mid-sized businesses in our communities as possible. By helping these small businesses we are able to watch our community grow as a whole and continue to expand. We take great pride in everything that we offer and have decades worth of knowledge and experience in order to help you. Our employees have backgrounds in multiple different career fields. Some of these career fields are financing, accounting, tax preparation, even business management.

In 2007 Carrie Shockley decided that providing a bookkeeper Tulsa business would have greatly benefited the small to mid-sized businesses within her community. Over the next 3 years her business was so successful that she decided to take a leap of faith and move her business out of her home and into a building. Since then she has continued to expand her clientele as well as her employees. By working with us we promise to provide accurate and efficient services that are all created around the success of your business. One popular service that most people don’t know about is our payroll assistance. When we are in charge of your payroll duties we are able to provide accurate and on time paychecks to your employees, keeping a happy and stress free work environment.

Overall, our company is here to help your company. From one small business to another small business we love to watch each one of them succeed and benefit from small communities. Specialized individuals who love to work with numbers and love to watch the turnaround of these small businesses and maximize their success. If you’re a new member we are currently offering a discounted rate for the first month of services as well as a free first consultation.

for more information about our services in business as a whole please visit If you’re wanting to schedule your first free consultation give us a call at 918-615-8380 so we can get that scheduled and start working on bettering your business.