For the past two decades, Shockley tax services and bookkeeping has been a well-respected and commonly used Bookkeeper Tulsa company in the state of oklahoma. Our main location is located in Broken Arrow and areas include the surrounding communities. By focusing on the small communities that surround us and their businesses we are able to create and maintain the successfulness of all small businesses in our area.

Here at Shockley tax services and bookkeeping we offer a wide variety of different areas of assistance with all the same goals, maximizing your free time and maintaining a successful business. We try to do this by employing individuals who have extensive experience and knowledge that will help with all of your bookkeeper Tulsa needs. With a combined worth of over 50 years of knowledge and experience between our employees and multiple different career areas including financing, accounting, tax preparation, and business management we’re able to promise efficient and accurate results. From your first consultation appointment with us we work hard to create and maintain a trustworthy and communicative relationship with all of our clients.

Shockley Tax Services has multiple popular available services that one of our most common is our bookkeeper Tulsa option. When our employees work with your business and help with bookkeeping, we offer assistance in data entry, reports, debt collection, paying bills, organizing finances, assisting in processing payroll, and meeting deadlines. Our overall goal at Shockley is to expand your amount of free time as a small business owner. That way you are able to delegate your time and multiple areas within your business.

With 20 years worth of successful clients and businesses we hope you feel comfortable and confident trusting us with important daily tasks for your business. We want you to sit back and relax while we take care of all those quarterly and annually tax deadlines, weekly or by weekly payroll and much more. We want your small business to succeed and put all of our effort into each one of our businesses so that our community as a whole is able to continue to grow and start more small businesses. We promise to offer efficient and accurate data entry, data reports, bookkeeping services, and every other service we provide for you and your business.

If you are a small business owner who is looking to Outsource some of these tedious tasks, visit our website at in order to provide a sense of comfort in our confidence in the services we provide. On our website we also provide video testimonials from current and former clients who are more than satisfied with our assistance and talk about how Outsourcing certain tasks was able to benefit their company. give us a call at 918-615-8380 to schedule your first free consultation or so that we are able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. take the first step in bettering your business by giving us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Small Business Tax Preparation

Small business owners are aware of the large amount of tedious tasks that are required of them on a daily basis that limit their ability to delegate their time. Here at Shockley we promise to offer the best quality of bookkeeper Tulsa services in tax preparation services available. Our main location isn’t a broken arrow but we provide services in surrounding communities. We also provide services for individuals, partnerships, small businesses, sole proprietors, and even corporations.

Often times it is hard as a small business owner to accept the fact that you may need additional outside help in order to advance your business and make it more efficient. One of our most popular Services is our bookkeeper Tulsa assistance. but also seeing some of your bookkeeping duties, we are able to assist in data entry, reports, debt collection, paying bills, and meeting all sorts of different deadlines. We work with QuickBooks software and are able to enter and configure all sorts of data for your business in order to provide charts and visualizations of popular Trends within your company.

Another reason you may need to hire a Tulsa bookkeeper or tax service specialist is to optimize your small business profit. in the past 20 years we have helped hundreds of small businesses recognize areas in their business that need additional help or reconfiguring in order to maximize their profit and overall growth. We know this is a scary transition so we work hard from your first consultation through every encounter with you to create a trustworthy relationship and open line of communication. Even though we are working behind the scenes to help your business, we are always available by phone or even an office visit so that everyone, our employees and you and your business, are all up to date and on the same page.

If you want to help your small business reach its potential and continue to be successful, reach out to us and we can help. Carrie and her dedicated employees work hard every single day to help all sorts of different small businesses in the broken area until the communities thrive. we want you to be able to enjoy the perks of being a small business owner. Answer when we ask individuals why they started their small business was the fact they wanted to have more free time and not be stuck in an office all day long. so hire Shockley tax services and bookkeeping so that our employees, who love all things numbers and calculations, are able to help your business on a daily basis.

For more information regarding all of our available services, service areas, information about our employees, prices, or overall information about how we can help you and your small business visit our website at If you are a new client to us or a potential client wanting more information, give us a call at 918-615-8380 so we can schedule your first free consultation to discuss the status of your business and your overall goals.