Our business, Shockley Bookkeeper Tulsa is a well established business located in multiple locations across the state of Oklahoma. Some of the areas our businesses are located are Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Jenks, Bixby and Oklahoma City! We have grown tremendously over the past 15 years due to our success with helping businesses better their profit and maximize their potential. Some of the services our company provides are tax preparation, payroll assistance and bookkeeping among other things. Our main goal is to take on some of these responsibilities so we can help the functionality of your business as well as conduct data reporting so we are able to stay up to date on the current needs for your business!

Our employees here at Shockley perform Bookkeeper Tulsa and other northeast Oklahoma cities. We provide services for individuals, couples, the self-employed, businesses, corporations, sole proprietorships and other types of citations as well, just call us and ask what we can do to help you! Our data reporting service is beneficial for companies who are wanting to readjust their business stats by generating reports that show inventory, financial trends, staffing schedules, and numerous other important information. These reports are shown with a visual graph, chart or an easy to read document. Inventory reporting is a good tool for businesses who are losing money because it shows the amount of inventory ordered, amount used/sold, and supplies that were not used and went to waste. After these are generated we can adjust the amount of ordering on certain supplies to maximize the utilization of all supplies resulting in a good profit turn around.

We are mostly known for Bookkeeper Tulsa and tax preparation services. Our tax services provided are tax preparation and tax payments. So our goal is to accurately review all pertinent documentations and files so we can understand the financial stance of your business and are ready for those sneaky quarterly and annually tax filing seasons! We enjoy taking this burden off of the employees because we have extensive experience with these types of tasks and are trained to catch those easily overlooked mistakes. When the tax payment/filing times come about, we are the ones who gather up all necessary tax documents and file them for you, send them to you for review first and then provide a signature, we do the rest!

Another great aspect of our company is our past and current client testimonials. Every business that is looking to outsource these important day to day tasks, want the assurance that they are trusting the right company. These videos are uploaded on our website for you to view if you’re needing more reassurance in choosing us to help your business! We take pride in serving local businesses and only wish for your companys’ ultimate success.

If you are wanting to gather more information about our company and the services we provide, head on over to our website www.shockleybooks.com or give us a call at 918-615-8380 to talk to an associate so we can answer any questions and help with your decision on which services are necessary and could be helpful for your business!

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Maximizing Your Success

Here at Shockley Bookkeeper Tulsa we offer a wide variety of services directly related to making your business more profitable, more efficient and help with the overall growth and success! Our employees all have a background in financing or accounting so they are equipped to handle these tasks accurately and efficiently. Over the past 15 years our business has grown into the surrounding areas of Broken Arrow including Tulsa, Owasoo, Bixby, Jenks, Claremore, Sapulpla and more!

One of the services we offer at Shockley, Bookkeeper Tulsa is our bookkeeping service. This is helpful for business owners because we are able to help you save time and put more effort into other areas within your business. Sometimes when people without a financial or background with tasks that involve tedious observation, mistakes are often missed as well as opportunities for financial growth are overlooked. Once we have your businesses tax information, we aim to file for the best deductions and credits for your business. Which is difficult to do when you are a business owner but don’t know much about the tax rules and regulations that are changing often.

Some of our clients testimonial videos, which are available on our company’s website, they speak highly about Bookkeeper Tulsa business and how we were able to manage their businesses taxes all year long. Once you sign up and we acquire all pertinent tax documents, we work all year long with staying up to date and organized. When reviewing this and preparing for filing, both quarterly and annually, we look for better ways to maximize your tax return by claiming the appropriate deductions all while making sure everything is accurate and legal! When these filing seasons come about, we work hard to perform your tax file from start to finish, only requiring an oversight and signature from you! Our company strives to make these stressful times as stress free as possible for our clients but also offer comfort for the client by answering any questions you may have and keeping you updated on any changes!

Another extremely beneficial tool we provide is our software QuickBooks, which is also available online. We use this program to input data from your business and it aids with the creation of informational documents showing a wide variety of things. One thing we are able to create a report for is where your company is making the most money, while offering suggestions on how to maximize that. As well as where your company is losing money so we can limit those expenses.

If you’re wanting more information please contact our main office by calling 918-615-8380 or visiting our website www.shockleybooks.com! Our potential clients are able to obtain information on the services we provide and how they would help your business, pricing for our service depending on the size and needs of your business and multiple other important information to help you make an informed decision when choosing to put your trust into an outside business other than your own.