Shockley is an established Bookkeeper Tulsa business that has been around for over 15 years and has helped hundreds of clients and businesses. Some of the services we provide are tax preparation, tax filing, data reporting, bookkeeping and payroll. Our goal is to help take on some of the financial responsibilities of your small business by maintaining accurate tax records and staying up to date on tax filing changes. We also manage data for your business, this data helps highlight problem areas and our job is to come up with ideas to limit the amount of losses your small business is taking. By doing this, you are able to focus more on your company and areas to improve/grow.

As a Bookkeeper Tulsa business who has expanded across northeast Oklahoma over the past decade, we have helped numerous businesses with their financial stressors and helped these small businesses expand! We offer tax preparation help. This means we maintain and manage your business documents and will even file your quarterly and annual taxes! Even though we are the ones to take care of your taxes, we keep you updated on probable expectations for returns as well as suggest the best deductions and credits for your business. We aim to not only work on the current stage of your small business, but also focus on the future and help as much as possible in order for you to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Another way our group of experienced employees at our Bookkeeper Tulsa and tax preparation business, inputting and maintaining crucial information regarding your business including: sales and how they are during different periods of time, acknowledging inventory waste, and much more. These reports are great in highlighting statistics throughout the business that often get overlooked, we also create business ideas to help resolve these “problem areas” and change them to better the financial profit of your business! It also provides a visual representation of being overstaffed during certain times, resulting in less of a profit for your business due to unnecessary coverage. These reports are always accessible to you through a web-based software called QuickBooks. This is helpful so you can reference these pieces of information when making changes in your business. These graphs and charts are beneficial visual references to easily highlight the problems in your business and provide ideas on how to turn them around.

Here at Shockley Tax Services and Bookkeeping we take great pride in helping small businesses throughout our community to reach their goals of profitability and growth! We focus on three main services: tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services. While performing each of these tasks when working with your business, we always keep you in the loop by communicating effectively. By keeping open communication, the businesses we work for are always up to date on what we’re working on, updates, and any concerns we come across while helping them.

On our website we provide a variety of different information. Including client testimonials, pricing, services, etc. You can schedule your first 30-minute consultation, free of charge for new customers, by calling or signing up on the bottom of our main website page! We look forward to helping more and more small businesses in northeast Oklahoma reach their maximum potential!

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Tax Advisor and Manager

Over the past 15 years, Shockley the Bookkeeper Tulsa tax services and bookkeeping has helped hundreds of businesses recognize financial trends in their business and help transform them into something more profitable! Shockley and its representatives aim to help small businesses, corporations and proprietorships with their quarterly and annually tax deadlines. We help with this by working with these businesses all year long and organize their tax documents while getting them ready for these deadlines, so no last minute surprises and no stress! We also provide other services which help in recognizing habits/trends that are limiting your businesses growth, we do this with our reporting software.

Shockley has multiple locations for your convenience including the Bookkeeper Tulsa location, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Claremore, Coweta, Sapulpa, Sand Springs and Oklahoma City as well. With these numerous locations, we are able to continue growing our clients while still staying very communicative with them and are available whenever we are needed. We’re different from the big tax preparation companies because we don’t want to limit your returns, we want to get you as much as possible! By helping each small business in northeast Oklahoma, we are helping the community as a whole!

If your business has a small profit margin, Bookkeeper Tulsa can run their reporting software to create visual charts and graphs to show where your business is losing money and where the greatest profit is. This software has an online version so you are able to log in at any time and review these charts. These charts provide a wide variety of useful information, from overstocked supplies, schedule overlapping and even days/times that sales are better or worse. The graphs are helpful for someone who has a hard time with numbers and can even be used as a reference when discussing with staff members about new changes in the business and why they are happening.

Our company has helped hundreds of clients and businesses and everything we learn, we use to better optimize the profit and efficiency of small businesses. We have multiple locations, with multiple trustworthy employees who are very knowledgeable in small business interactions. Between our experience and the tools we are able to use, we can help you maintain day to day operations and help your business be as profitable and grow as much as possible!

We’re offering a 20% discount on your first month service fees so don’t forget to mention this when signing up! If you would like to have a consultation before signing up, call us at 918-615-8380 for more information or visit our website at Make sure to watch our client testimonial videos for a better understanding our mission and how its applied to each business we work with!