Here at Shockley tax services and bookkeeping. We have provided assistance to many small businesses in our community to help reach their maximum potential by offering efficient, extremely helpful services. Some of these services are our tax preparations and bookkeeper Tulsa. For the past 20 years we have continued to help create and maintain multiple successful businesses in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa communities. Our founder, Carrie Shockley, started her own small business, Shockley Tax Services, in hopes to help other small businesses and free up some other time. She has done this successfully for two decades now and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

by offering a multitude of different services and assistance options including payroll services, data entry, and even bookkeeper Tulsa Services we aim to free up as much time of yours as possible so that you are able to enjoy life and relax. We work all year round and are continuously looking for ways to better your business. We work with multiple different softwares, or most commonly used one being QuickBooks management, that provides additional help in creating graphs and charts to recognize important Trends within your business.

Another benefit of hiring a bookkeeper Tulsa specialist is the long list of services we are able to provide when you outsource us. Some of these bookkeeping services that we offer are data entry, reports, debt collection, paying monthly utility bills for your business, organizing finances, assisting in payroll and much more. take a minute and think about how much time you sit behind your computer while performing all of these day-to-day tasks that are absolutely necessary in order for the success of your business? Too much time, right? That’s why we’re here to help. All of our employees have extensive experience and knowledge in multiple different backgrounds that have worked with financing, numbers, and even business management who love all things numbers and calculations.

When working with Shockley you’re able to optimize your available time every single day. why not hire someone to sit at a computer all day long and perform these tasks for you so that you are able to have more free time and delicate your time in other areas in your business? are trained professionals who want you to feel as comfortable as possible when working with us so that you are able to go through life stress free and not have to worry about the tedious small task of your business. As a small business owner herself, Carrie understands the importance of each minute of the day. don’t get overwhelmed by all these questions, call us today and let us help.

our website, By the ton of information of all of our available services at the tip of your fingertips. We also want to make this transition as comfortable as possible so we also have numerous video testimonials from former and current clients who are more than satisfied with all the assistance they received from our company and how much it benefited them. give us a call today at 918-615-8380 to schedule your first free consultation.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Tulsa Bookkeeping Services

Are you a small business owner that spends way too much time on a computer trying to stay organized with all of these tedious tax, payroll, and bookkeeping tasks? Then Shockley Bookkeeper Tulsa is here to help. In 2007 Carrie’s founder started this business as a part-time gig for an additional income. It quickly became successful and continued to grow so in 2011 she took a leap of faith and decided to grow her business as much as possible. She did this by moving into a new location in Broken Arrow and hiring qualified and experienced employees.

By Outsourcing some of your day-to-day tasks including bookkeeper Tulsa services, and other time consuming but yet very important duties as a small business owner you are able to free up more of your time so that you can enjoy the perks of being your own boss. Most of our clients say that they started a small business so that they were able to have more free time and less stress. We want to help you reach these goals by helping you and your business to come as efficiently as possible while focusing on the growth and maximization of your business’ potential.

For the past two decades Carrie has been a successful Bookkeeper Tulsa provider and employees an amazing group of individuals who provide exceptional results for every single business that they work with. We promise satisfactory results by offering the most efficient and accurate bookkeeping Tulsa Services as well as tax services, payroll services, data entry services, and Reporting services. We are most known for our tax preparation in filing assistance. We work year-round to collect and organize important tax documents of your business so that we are able to file accurate quarterly and annually, state and federal, taxes.

As a small business owner you once your business to be a successful as possible so why not Outsource some of these tasks so that you are able to conquer that goal? Shockley strives to create a trustworthy and friendly relationship with each one of our clients and hopes to provide a sense of comfort when delegating these very important daily tasks. Services that Lucifer clients say was most beneficial to them was her data reporting service. We do this by configuring different charts and graphs with the help of QuickBooks software in order to create a visualization of important information about your business.

If you’re looking for more information about Shockley tax services and bookkeeping visit our website at or give us a call at 918-615-8380. don’t wait too long because we are currently offering a special discount for new members. This includes a free consultation as well as a discounted rate for your first month of services. So give us a call today, schedule your consultation, and let’s get to work on bettering your business and freeing up some of your time.