Professional experience to be able to do your taxes or bookkeeping here at Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping will keep you on track and organized. you will stay accurate and save a lot of time when working with us. we are the best in the area and we hope you consider our company. we are the best services that you can receive here locally in Broken Arrow. our bookkeeping services have a wide variety from data entry to organizing finances or paying bills. will help you see your whole financial picture in order for you to focus on your customers and your business.

Here we understand that bookkeeping is a major stress for business owners and Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping Will take that way of stress off your shoulders. it will help you concentrate on growing your business and working hard on things that need more attention to. doing bookkeeping and maintaining a business can be stressful. we do take that into consideration and we personally take care of those responsibilities for you. here you can rely on us so that we are free to grow your business when you can. you will see more growth and get accurate reports when doing so.

to have peace of mind for your books being accurate, Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping we will personally take that into consideration when working smarter faster and making your business move forward. We provide free bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax consultation in order for you to get a feel for who we are and what we do here. we are highly recommended in this area and we will not make you hesitate on taking the decision to build a partnership with us. here we have over 50 years of combined Tax Services experience, the professionals here have a lot of small businesses it’s just like you to get control of everything month after month.

Keira Shockley we understand that keeping your business success is your number one priority. With working with us you will not doubt in us for we will take everything too hard and personally. our personal Consultants will give you high experience. we will take care of every knee that you have for your business in order for you to succeed and we will take that very personally. I understanding and knowing that the growth of your business is more important you will see more growth meet deadlines on time and on target, have organized files and statements that you will have access to.

here we have much more to offer, we also provide resources that stay in the guidelines of tax services. to get more information or schedule consultation please visit us at or feel free to contact us with any questions that you have on 918-615-8380. here we are serving you and here we have everything you need when hiring and trusting us to take care of those stressful things.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Keep On Track

Understanding that your business is your number one priority and need someone to trust in order for you to focus on your customers and making your business grow, Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping will provide everything and more to benefit your business. here we don’t want you to hold back from work important goals in your life nor do we want you to have Sloppy books. if you feel overwhelmed or there’s not enough time for anything, we are trusted and number one in our area to do so. we can guarantee you more time for your priorities and we understand that your finances will be better.

If you’re looking for specific ways to do your bookkeeping here at Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping are more than welcome to accommodate to anything that you and your business needs. are professionals will go ahead and go out of the way to make sure you are happy. someone’s services that we do are tax preparation, which also include Consulting appointment to plan ahead. what makes the number one in this area is that we like to plan ahead. Save yourself to stress in the money by investing in a reputable book services with us.

if you don’t have your Bookkeeping on your control, Bookkeeper Tulsa at Schockley Tax Service & Bookkeeping will make that very easy for you to face. will you services like QuickBooks that has great automatic backup services to keep data safe. we don’t want you to feel outsourced and spend money on mistakes that you can potentially make. our professional book keeping Services can save you the time Hassle and money. many mistakes that small business owners can face is missing texted lines, Ms handling sales taxes, falling text is wrong entering receipts away.

the more you know the more you need a professional bookkeeper. Do you want to look at that experience in the service that you need, most days of the day on relevant relations and Industry knowledge, and easy to communicate with and here at Shockley we will take everything personal for you not to settle for those dinners when it comes to taking care of your business. Don’t let bad but keep me hold you back from your business goals. here working with us you will not. you will save time and money by hiring the pros. our goal is for your business to thrive and your books will always be accurate with us. what does you have access to every Financial decision and you’re able to freely look at your books.

Working with us isn’t just a contract but we also make it a partnership. you’ll be able to spend more time on the field generating income and attract a new clients unless time managing your books that will take your Saturday night away. if you would like to get a free consultation please visit our website at or give us a call at 918-615-8380 for any questions that you may have.