Our business, Shockley, we offer Bookkeeper Tulsa and other surrounding Oklahoma cities! Our company has been around for over 15 years and has created a great staff that is very knowledgeable in their field. When we combine all of our employees, together we have over 25 years worth of experience. Our mission is to help small businesses, corporations, proprietorships, other individuals and other companies, to reach their maximum potential! We help with tax service, bookkeeping and payroll. By offering these services, your employees are able to be utilized in other parts of the company so that the most amount of growth and financial success is reached!

As most business owners, the paperwork and computer data entry is time consuming so we offer Bookkeeper Tulsa. Our employees enjoy those small, tedious tasks because their goal is to help your business as much as possible so we can watch our communities continue to grow and succeed. By offering tax assistance, we work with you and your company year round and organize and maintain important tax documents so that we are able to accurately represent you and your business during those busy, stressful tax seasons! Since we stay in constant communication throughout the year, we are able to do these filing processes with little input or bothering the client, and will send them the final tax information to be reviewed and signed.

Another benefit of Bookkeeper Tulsa and surrounding areas, is the ability to help you maximize your profit in order to continue growing your business! We review all documents, information, reporting data, company goals, as well as communicate with you on how to get the best possible deductions and credits for future use. We are able to file taxes differently for different amounts of tax returns. We appropriately apply certain tax deductions based on your business and their services and offer advice on how to file in the future!

By offering these financial services, it eliminates certain areas of stress among the business owners. We enjoy the responsibility of helping your business succeed and continue to spread over northeast Oklahoma so we can continue helping our communities as much as possible! This is why we stand out from those big tax service corporations, because to us you’re not a number, you’re our neighbor! Our clients who experience great gratitude for our services recorded their own personal testimonials which are available for you to watch on our company’s website!

Feel free to give us a call at 918-615-8380 or visit our website www.shockleybooks.com to review more information, answer possible questions you may have, as well as help build trust towards us! On our website, there are multiple pages of information for you to read over so you better understand our company and what we are able to provide for your company! We offer a free 30-minute consultation as well as 20% off your first month of service if you sign up! If you are wanting to apply this discount to your pricing, please mention when speaking to one of our representatives.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Beneficial Financial Services

If you are wanting to expand your business and achieve the maximum profit, Bookkeeper Tulsa is your best option! We’ve been an established company for over 15 years and have a large number of employees who are very knowledgeable in accounting and finances. By choosing to work with a company based in your own community, you are putting your trust into people who live in the same community as you. This is a bonus compared to those big corporations because we care about your success and want to help you as much as possible!

Among Bookkeeper Tulsa we also offer additional services. One of these services is data reporting. This is a very beneficial tool because it’s able to generate visual charts, graphs, and easy to decipher information. Some of the information we are able to gather is sales trends, inventory, and payroll figures. By providing these, you are better able to make adjustments to the amount of inventory used, amount of staff covered for certain dates and times and other useful tools.

At Shockley Bookkeeper Tulsa we can also assist with tax preparation. We work with companies all year long in order to appropriately stay up to date on current and accurate documents and information. Since we are in contact at all times, and are constantly working with this information by generating reports and offering suggestions, we can stay prepared for those sneaky quarterly tax filings as well as annual taxes. We aim to perform your taxes one hundred percent for you so all you have to do is review and sign, then we file for you electronically. This eliminates unnecessary stress among business owners and employees.

Another service we offer, that multiple businesses are very appreciative of, is payroll. When you sign up for this service, we are in charge of the initial payroll set up for new employees, set up direct deposits, manage payroll forms, help with taxes and even insurance! Another benefit of this service is we are able to accurately generate information on employees and their time at work. Employers are able to better keep their employees happy by always being on time with accurate time cards and direct deposits. Happy employees equals a good, successful business.

If you’re wanting to become one of our clients, feel free to give us a call for more information at 918-615-8380 or visit our website at www.shockleybooks.com. Our website produces a large amount of important information on the services we provide and how they would benefit you and your business, pricing, as well as videos of current and past customers! These videos are available under the “areas we serve” tab on the left hand sign of the screen. We also have a text box on the first page of our website if you would like for one of our representatives to reach out to you. Don’t forget to mention our 20% discount for your first month of services with us right now!