Shockley is a well-established Tax Service and bookkeeping business that all started in the comfort of Carrie Shockley’s home back in 2007. Her multiple success stories quickly led to the expansion into a new building and more qualified employees that offer tax services and provide the best bookkeeper Tulsa assistance! We offer a range of services including tax preparation, tax filing, bookkeeping, payroll assistance, and even reporting. The mangle here at Shockley is to eliminate unnecessary daily tasks that you have to perform as a small business owner. by Outsourcing these tedious to ask you were able to free up more of your time.

As a small business owner herself, Carrie is well aware of how difficult it is to free and maintain a small business. That is why she decided to create her own business that offers some of the finest bookkeeper Tulsa services. We are mostly known for our tax service option. If you sign up for tax services we will assist you year-round by collecting and configuring all sorts of important tax documents as well as business documents. We also review previous tax filing so that we are able to better understand the current state of your business. We also continue continuously throughout the year with your document so that we are able to find the best way possible in order to give you the maximum return. By hiring specialists in this area you are putting your trust in us that we are able to really file your taxes.

Other than being one of the finest bookkeeper Tulsa services in the state of Oklahoma, all of our clients greatly appreciate our data reporting service. This is one of our most popular services due to how beneficial it is for your company. We work with QuickBooks management software so we are able to enter important information about your business and are able to create graphs, charts, and easy to understand documentation about your business. This is beneficial because we are able to recognize trends that are benefiting your company as well as areas where you’re losing money. After we create these documents and share them with you, we also provide ideas on how to eliminate the loss of profit and turn it around into a plus.

All of our employees have multiple different backgrounds including financing, accounting, tax preparation, even business management. with a combined worth of over 50 years of knowledge and experience each one of our employees is able to provide exceptional assistance to you and your company. We work hard to create a trustworthy relationship so that you are able to focus on your day-to-day business while we perform those important tedious tasks in order to keep your business up and running.

for more information about our current specials, available services and service areas please visit our website at give us a call today at 918-615-8380 to schedule your first free consultation so that we are able to start bettering your small business.

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Oklahoma Tax Services

Since 2007 Shockley has continued to expand its clientele as well as success stories by providing a wide range of tax services and bookkeeper Tulsa services. Our main location is in Broken Arrow but we help small to mid-sized businesses in the surrounding communities. Our goal is to eliminate these time-consuming day-to-day tasks as a business owner and perform them accurately and efficiently. By freeing up some of your time you’re able to sit back and relax while we are constantly working to make your small business as efficient and profitable as possible.

Shockley is well known for its bookkeeper Tulsa Services and has over 20 years of successful clients. We know it’s difficult to ask for help after starting your own business but Sometimes it is more efficient to hire specialized individuals who are trained to work with numbers, recognize trends, and are able to optimize Financial profit. All of our employees love all things that involve numbers and calculations. From your first consultation with us we work hard to create a trustworthy foundation between each one of our clients so that you are able to delegate these day-to-day time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters.

Some small business owners tend to think that their business is as efficient as possible. It’s only after we offer our bookkeeper Tulsa services and highlight problem areas with their business that they become aware of certain problems and trends. Our popular data reporting service is able to create a better visualization of transit in your business. Some of these Trends are overstocking coverage, the best times and days for certain sales, and even inventory. Sometimes it is better for people to see a chart rather than a paper full of words and numbers. We work with the software QuickBooks so we are able to create these easy to understand pieces of information. our clients appreciate our choice of software because it offers an online option so that they are able to log on and look at this information at their free

Each one of our employees loves to see the success of small to mid-sized businesses and the Broken Arrow and surrounding communities. We know it is a scary transitional period when starting to Outsource certain tasks within your business so we are available for you to contact at any time of the day if any questions or concerns May arise. We also keep our website updated so that all of the information on there is up to date and accurate.

If you’d like to visit our website please go to and have a look around. We have multiple different tabs with loads of information and hope to provide more Comfort when making a decision to choose a tax service provider. give us a call at 918-615-8380 so we can schedule your first free consultation today. We are currently offering a discounted rate for the first month of services for all newly signed up customers, so call today if you do not want to miss out on this offer and want to better your business!