Shockley offers tax services and Bookkeeper Tulsa in addition to surrounding areas.. Over the past 15 years we have been serving primarily northeastern Oklahoma business owners. We focus on individuals, small businesses, sole proprietors, partnerships, and even corporations and help them expand their business by reducing their amount of work. Yes it sounds crazy, but we want to help in areas that our employees specialize in. We want to help your business with tax services, bookkeeping, reporting, payroll, tax preparation and payments. By helping your company with these things, it allows your employees to focus on other areas within the business that might need extra help.

Why choose Shockley, Bookkeeper Tulsa? Well, we aren’t some huge corporation who sees your business as “just another client”, we see it as a business who is contributing to our community! We strive to help you stay organized and on top of possible areas that need work in order to grow your business. Between our employees, we have a combined 50 years of experience which we use to help you reach your potential. By letting us take care of your day to day bookkeeping, payroll and taxes, you’re also supporting a small business in northeastern Oklahoma!

If your company is looking for tax preparation help, Bookkeeper Tulsa is the right place! To get started, we start with a free 30-minute phone consultation. During this consultation we’ll discuss prior and current tax documents, your tax situation. We’ll then work on preparing your taxes and getting everything organized. When we are working on this, we keep an open line of communication so you are up to date on our progress and expectations. After we get everything squared away, we will email your tax documents to you for review and a signature. After you sign your documents and everything is ready, we will file your taxes for you electronically.

Since every business and their needs are different, pricing will be different based on the size and uniqueness of needs within the business! There is a one-time set up fee, which is calculated based on the size of your business as well as assistance you are requesting from us! We offer different preparation packages for payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Each one of these packages are also customized based on the direct need for your business.

If you are needing some reassurance, visit our website to watch video testimonials from previous and current businesses we work with! Our website also provides a short description of a few of our employees so you can see we are a genuine group of people who only want the best for your business! We have a few other pages that will discuss available services, pricing, resources, contact information and additional forms. You’ll notice a 20% off discounted rate for your first month after signing up, so don’t forget to mention that when you call or stop by to see us!

Bookkeeper Tulsa | Business Tax Services

Here at Shockley, Bookkeeper Tulsa is one of our goals to optimize the growth of your small business! We help with this by providing multiple services including tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll. Two positives about our company are; we want to take some of the workload off of you and we want to help you grow your business. With 15 years serving the northeastern Oklahoma area, we have a long list of happy customers who agree our services helped their business and the amount of financial stress they had!

Between our employees, we have over 50 years of knowledge and experience to share, making us the best Bookkeeper Tulsa. With 50 years of knowledge, established offices in 10 different Oklahoma cities and years worth of happy customers, we look forward to helping small businesses in our area grow. Watching businesses thrive in our communities and reach their potential is what drives our employees! We are trained to recognize errors, optimize tax returns and help businesses with tedious tasks that are time consuming which results in other areas of the business to suffer.

Bookkeeper Tulsa aims to help maximize the quality of small businesses by helping with bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. We help with bookkeeping by analyzing your books with financial software, elimination errors and making it easier to read and decipher important business information. We help with payroll by helping with payroll setup, direct deposits, managing forms, payroll taxes and insurance. Our company also has experienced employees who focus on your business taxes. They are able to file your taxes by working on pertinent tax documents throughout the year, keeping them organized, and help you have a stress-free tax season by doing your taxes electronically for you! The pricing for each of these services is located on our website.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses better themselves and even expand! Our employees are skilled, knowledgeable, respectful and honest. By being honest, we are able to agree with our clients on realistic expectations of the services we provide and how it will better the company. When these tedious, yet very important, duties are reassigned to someone outside of your company, you can better utilize your employees and provide more accurate information across your whole business. Our goal is to alleviate some of your stress, so you can work on running your business efficiently and accurately. Our tax preparation is going to help you accomplish all the things you wanted to accomplish.

By visiting our website you can view information about our available services, service areas, business history, client testimonials, pricing and more! We also offer a free 30-minute phone consultation where we will discuss current areas of need in your company, discuss different service options and prices and answer any questions or concerns you may have! We have a 20% discount for your first month of service when you sign up! Give us a call at 918-615-8380, we look forward to speaking with you! If you are a first time customer wanting to receive the 20% discount, please mention it at the time of sign up!